Inflammation of the thyroid gland: symptoms and treatment

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The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the metabolism. The vital energy, mood, body weight, and many metabolic processes in the body depend on its normal functioning.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland, or thyroiditis, is acute, subacute and chronic. The most common is chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, whereas acute and subacute forms are less common.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland: common symptoms

Diseases of the thyroid gland are detected during examination and palpation. As a rule, there is redness in the area of ​​the neck, enlargement, consolidation and pain of the gland. Often inflammation is accompanied by an increase in cervical lymph nodes.

Comprehensive diagnostics includes, in addition to examination, antibody tests, ultrasound examination, thyroid tissue puncture.

Depending on the causes and the form of the disease, the symptoms of inflammation of the thyroid gland may be as follows:

Inflammation of the thyroid gland: symptoms and treatment
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