Industrial and domestic injuries

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Industrial and domestic injuries arise as a result of the influence on the human organism of external factors, which leads to damage to the integrity of tissues, the violation of the normal course of physiological processes. Traumatism is one of the common causes of disability and mortality in adult working-age people.

Every person at least once in his life faced industrial or domestic injuries. Possibilities to get a lot of damage: electric shock, burn, fracture of the arms or legs, fights - in all these situations you should seek help from a traumatologist.

Types of injuries

Injuries are divided into the following types:

  • Production - received by people in the performance of their professional duties;
  • Non-productive - occurred at home, not related to work in production.

By severity, industrial and domestic injuries are divided into:

  • Severe injuries are injuries that result in loss of ability to work for more than 30 days;
  • Injuries of moderate severity result in loss of ability to work for a period of 10 to 30 days;
  • Minor injuries - slight violations that do not result in loss of ability to work, in which the victim needs first aid.

Causes of industrial and domestic injuries

To prevent industrial and personal injury, you need to know why they are occurring.

Causes of occupational injuries:

  • Organizational - non-compliance with safety rules, low qualification of personnel;
  • Technical - faults of equipment and its protective devices, the thoughtless technological process;
  • Sanitary-hygiene - lack or non-compliance with the rules of safety of overalls and footwear, deviations from the norms of the microclimate and illumination of workplaces, pollution of the territory;
  • Socio-psychological - tense relationships in the team;
  • Climatic - specific climate, working time and working conditions;
  • Biographical - affect age, state of health, qualification.

Causes of non-productive injuries

The most common cause of domestic injuries is homework. Domestic welds are another cause of damage, most often it occurs in a state of intoxication. The causes of injuries in an accident are negligent attitude to traffic rules by drivers and pedestrians.

Industrial and domestic injuries. prevention

Any injury - both domestic and proizvodstvennoy - can cause irreparable damage to human health, so you must always take measures to prevent accidents.

Prevention of occupational injuries involves improving working conditions, mechanization of processes, selection of people of the appropriate qualification, disciplinary measures of influence on workers, provision of overalls and means of protection.

In order to prevent personal injury, improvement of living conditions, rationalization of leisure activities, and anti-alcohol campaigning are necessary.

Industrial and domestic injuries are not uncommon in our lives. If such a case still occurs, urgent urgent help is needed, before the arrival of doctors give the victim the first pre-care assistance. Human life can depend on this.

Industrial and domestic injuries
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