In which cases it is necessary to remove tonsils

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In Latin, the word "angina" translates as "squeeze" or "compress". It is this feeling that appears in patients with tonsillitis, when palatine tonsils are lit, palatine tongue and soft palate.

The cause of the disease may be various microbes, but, more often than not, it is streptococci. In some cases, angina is caused by microbes, which, until time and time, live peacefully in the oral cavity. Sometimes the disease catalyst is harmless microflora, which becomes pathogenic.

And the cause of quinsy may be overcooling. Sometimes it is enough to eat ice cream to "get" the disease. Also, the development of quinsy can contribute to inhaled dust, tobacco smoke and alcohol intake. All this alone and together negatively affects the sensitive tonsils and helps them to inflammation.

Angina is accompanied by dryness and pain in the throat, with temperatures up to 38 ° C.

Most people suffer from angina once in a few years. But there are people who are prone to chronic illnesses of quinsy. Apart from the fact that this disease is rather unpleasant in its manifestations, it can also cause serious complications on the heart, cause rheumatoid diseases, provoke diseases of the kidneys and nervous system.

What to do to protect yourself and get rid of the inclination to angina? Not so long ago it was decided to solve this problem by removing tonsils. But later it was thought that the tonsils played an important role in the human body and their removal was not so safe.

So why do we need tonsils? It turns out that they are a kind of protective barrier to the body, since they play an important role in the formation of cellular and humoral immunity. Most of the pathogenic bacteria that we inhale is deposited on them. Now doctors insist that the tonsils need to be treated and stored.

But there are situations in which the removal of tonsils is inevitable. Indications for the removal of tonsils may be:

  • Too frequent incidence of sore throat (more than 4 times a year);
  • Chronic tonsillitis, which developed on the background of constant angina;
  • Frequent development of abscesses in the background of angina;
  • Tonsils are greatly increased and breathing difficult;
  • Ineffectiveness of conservative treatment;
  • The appearance of complications from the internal organs: the heart, kidneys, joints;
  • Sharp impairment of immunity can also be the reason for the removal of tonsils.

Operations on the tonsils can be of two varieties: tonsillotomy and tonsillectomy. If the need to remove tonsils still exists, the doctor will determine what kind of surgery you need to do.

In which cases it is necessary to remove tonsils
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