In the uk, non-traditional chinese medicine can be legalized

Health And Medical Video: Prescribing Chinese Medicine Illegal In Uk Unless Tested (April 2019).


British medical officials have decided to approach the health system in a non-standard way. They do not exclude the possibility of inclusion in the system of Chinese medicine techniques. According to Jeremy Hunt, the health minister, he was convinced during his trips to China that Chinese medicine has the right to exist if its effectiveness is proven.

The ultimate goal is to mix Chinese and Western medicine, writes The Telegraph. Under Chinese medicine they mean plant remedies, acupuncture, massage. For example, the National Institute of Health and Social Security already recommends acupuncture as a remedy for lower back pain. But this recommendation was made only after conducting experiments, experts emphasize.

As for plant products, they are interested in scientists for a long time. For example, American experts found out: poppy can relieve pain. A rosette (Corydalis) contains a strong analgesic in the root. True, for final conclusions, it is necessary to test compounds for toxicity. Meanwhile, in the UK last year, official warnings about Chinese medicines were voiced through increased concentrations of lead, mercury and arsenic.

Also, in some products found components derived from the bodies of rare animals.

In the uk, non-traditional chinese medicine can be legalized
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