In cats' excrements, cure for cancer has been found

Health And Medical Video: Could A Parasite Found In Cat Poop Help Fight Cancer? (February 2019).


Scientists suggest using parasites that live in the body of cats to create a new cancer vaccine. The prototype of such a vaccine has already been successfully tested on mice. Mice were a model of a particularly aggressive type of melanoma and ovarian cancer. And the vaccine allowed to increase the survival rate, writes The Times of India.

The healthy immune system is known to actively react to the parasite T. gondii, which lives in the intestines of animals. Similarly, immunity responds to tumors. Therefore, scientists have decided to stimulate the immune response to the parasite, thereby defeating and cancer. According to Professor David Bisch of the Dartmouth College, in response to T. Gondii, the body begins to produce natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells.

Cancer, in turn, can suppress the immune response. But the introduction of the parasite in the tumor made the cancer visible for immunity. Of course, it is dangerous to introduce people to live strains of T. Gondii. Therefore, for the vaccine, the parasite was modified. In the course of work, scientists removed the gene toxoplasm. This is the result of a parasite mutant, which is easy to grow in laboratory conditions. The new version of the parasite could not multiply in the body of living beings.

In cats' excrements, cure for cancer has been found
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