Immunologists: fat humans need to be vaccinated against influenza

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At least, statistics say that such people have three times more complications from influenza that caused death. In response, virologists agree with this fact, but the group of risk include full people, in which the body mass index is higher than 30.

Scientists have not been able to find out the exact cause of the fact that full people are more likely to experience complications after the flu, but have come to the same conclusion that the elderly are the most affected by fat people, very often cases of dying from the usual seasonal flu. Despite the results of numerous studies, immunologists, together with virologists, did not come to a unanimous consensus who is to blame for the fact that thick people are more likely to die of influenza than hips: diabetes or obesity.

Children are also susceptible to influenza complications such as, for example, pneumonia, but there is practically no fatal outcome.

Such a category of people as pregnant women often do without complications, but if they fall ill during the first month after childbirth, the risk of death increases several times.

In connection with the data on which the research shows, the scientists concluded that fat people need to be vaccinated against influenza. This method of protection several times will reduce the risk of getting sick, and consequently die.

Immunologists: fat humans need to be vaccinated against influenza

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