Ignoring a headache is dangerous, - scientists

Why Do We Get Migraines? (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Many specialists believe that it is not always necessary to carry out a computer tomography and use other methods of neuroimaging if a person suffers from headache. These are expensive methods, and it makes no sense to resort to them without the need. Therefore, in the United States, some doctors advocate the introduction of new recommendations, writes Zee News.

Meanwhile, scanning of the brain helps to detect a dangerous tumor of the brain. In a study of scientists from the University of Washington's School of Medicine, 95 patients with a brain tumor participated. In 11 patients, headache was the only symptom of the disease. In 4 of them headaches appeared for the first time. This is considered a sufficient reason for a brain scan.

The rest of 7 people suffered from migraine and other types of headache. Doctors who advocate the introduction of the above recommendations, deny the need for neuroimaging techniques in these cases.

So, new recommendations will prevent the tumors from detecting in 3-7% of people with headaches.

Ignoring a headache is dangerous, - scientists

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