If tooth blows

Grandma, 102, Blows Out Her Birthday Candles, Ends Up Losing Her Teeth (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

A retina tooth may be spoiled by chance, but the regular appearance of crumbs and fragments in the mouth - a signal of a serious health problem. If teeth began to crumble, without resorting to a specialist and treatment it is not enough.

Dentists warn that most of the teeth problems are related to the wrong oral hygiene. However, the process of destroying the tooth enamel started can not be allowed on gravity.

Changing the toothpaste is unlikely to eliminate the cause of the fragility of the teeth and correct its effects - fragments and cracks. It will be necessary to treat the affected teeth.

To find the source of the disease and get the necessary recommendations, you will have to contact a doctor.

Tooth decay: reasons

  1. Mechanical damage. The front teeth can break and crumble as a result of high loading on them: sports training, opening teeth of cans and bottles, splitting nuts, lollipops, snacking of fishing lines or threads, etc.
  2. Incorrect dentist treatment. If the tooth is affected by caries and is not fully cured, it is highly likely that it will begin to crumble and lead to the destruction of neighboring teeth.
  3. Deficiency of vitamins D and E, minerals and calcium. This category includes children and the elderly, pregnant women and recently gave birth to women. In people living in northern areas, teeth may crumble due to lack of sunlight due to which vitamin D, which is responsible for the absorption of calcium, is synthesized in the body.
  4. Dairy teeth in children. Due to the lack of strong enamel, the use of sweets, careless attitude to oral hygiene, weakened immunity, baby teeth become vulnerable to caries - the causes of broken teeth. Children are often creaked with teeth, which leads to the appearance of microcracks.
  5. Hormonal failure and endocrine diseases. Pregnancy and menopause in women, abnormalities in the thyroid gland may affect the functioning of all organs and systems, including weakening of the protective functions of the tooth enamel. As a result, teeth begin to crumble.
  6. Chronic diseases that cause calcium deficiency. If crumbling teeth, you should pass the examination not only from the dentist. Narrow specialists will help diagnose osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses.

Tooth decay: treatment

At first signs it is necessary to address to the dentist and the therapist who will conduct the survey, will evaluate the results of the analyzes and send it to a specialist.

If the cause is a weakened enamel, mechanical impact or caries, the dentist will suggest sealing and strengthening the teeth. In case of more serious health disorders to eliminate the root cause of loss of teeth, a comprehensive treatment of the body will be prescribed, depending on the diagnosis.


To prevent problems with your teeth, you should take care of them while they are healthy. The proper prevention will be following simple recommendations:

  • Eat dairy products;
  • Brush your teeth in the morning and evening; rinse your mouth after eating;
  • Every six months to visit the dentist;
  • Take vitamin complexes;
  • Abandon bad habits;
  • To keep teeth from mechanical damage.

If tooth blows

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