If sharply worsened vision

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If sharply deteriorated vision and continues to fall by more than 1 dioptry a year, then this is an alarming symptom. Reduced vision may be due to age-related changes, as well as other acquired and hereditary eye diseases.

In the event that sharply deteriorated eyesight due to an attack of glaucoma, the expense is literally for an hour, and only timely provided medical aid can restore vision. Knowledge of some causes and signs of eye diseases will help in time to take the necessary measures to recover.

Symptoms of sudden vision impairment

If sharply deteriorated vision, you should not immediately panic and suspect all illness at once, but it is always easier to prevent the disease than to treat it, because there are such terrible diseases as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, as well as cataracts and a number of others. In any case, be sure to contact a specialist to properly assess the risk of loss of vision.

  1. Sharply worsened vision on one eye? Perhaps this is due to vascular disorders, macular rupture of the retina. Need to contact a specialist immediately.
  2. A feeling of a black curtain before your eyes. The reason for the sharp deterioration of vision may be retinal detachment.
  3. Sharp pain in the eye, blurred vision, redness is a sign of glaucoma attack due to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure.
  4. Gradual or sharp narrowing of the visual field, the so-called "tubular" vision. Indicates a glaucoma.
  5. Fog in the eyes, decrease in brightness, contrast. It is associated with a cataract - a sudden loss of vision due to turbidity of the lens.
  6. Burning sensation, sand, feeling of an alien body in the eyes - a dry eye syndrome. Usually, it does not pose a great danger to the eye, but it can be the cause of other serious eye diseases.
  7. Divide images. The causes of this deterioration of vision may be intoxication, vascular disorders, impaired functioning of the nervous system, and endocrine systems.

What are the complications of myopia?

Myopia is called the pathology of the future. If far-sightedness is acquired over the years, myopia can develop from an early age. If sharply deteriorated vision with already existing myopia, then it may be a manifestation of complications such as:

  1. Removal of the retina of the eye. An urgent surgical operation is shown.
  2. Cloudiness of the lens (cataract).
  3. Violation of the structure of the eye glassy body (destruction).
  4. Gractic dystrophy of the retina of the eye. It leads to detachment of the retina.

Our eyes need constant protection, careful attitude, because they are not in vain say: take care as a pupil of the eye. You need to keep an eye on the ultraviolet and wear sunglasses that do not overdo it with a long seat at the computer or near the TV, to pick the right light. Relax your eyes will help with special gymnastics, outdoor walks, exercise, enough sleep.

Avoid a sharp deterioration of vision will also help correct nutrition, namely the sufficient use of vitamins (A, C, E), minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium) that contain the highest amounts in the liver, fish, fruits, mushrooms, grains and nuts.

If sharply worsened vision
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