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Very often, local overcooling (staying throughout, staying close to a fan or under the conditioner) can cause quite strong and prolonged pain in the neck and shoulder girdle.

The most frequent local overcooling is people, who for a long time spend in a forced static position: drivers, office workers.

Due to lack of motor activity in people who have a sedentary lifestyle, muscle work is often spasmodic. With local cooling, the tone of the muscles increases and there are special trigger zones.

What is happening throughout

With prolonged influence of low temperature air in the cooling zone, there is a reflex spasm of muscle tissue and vessels in this area. This reduces the delivery of oxygen to them, there is an oxygen starvation (hypoxia), special substances are emitted in the blood - inflammatory mediators, and they cause activation of pain receptors.

When palpation, the trigger zones are very painful and denser in structure. If the spasmodic muscles squeeze the neuromuscular bundle, the patient may have a small, but painful swelling of soft tissues, reddening of the skin, a feeling of stiffness and limitation of the volume of movements, as well as pain in the course of squeezing the nerve.

Therefore, as soon as a person has felt that he is within, it is necessary to immediately take measures to prevent the emergence of muscle spasm:

  • Stop the action (close the window, turn off the air conditioner);
  • Warm up and gently rub the area, massaging it, restoring blood circulation;
  • Do some exercises that help relax this muscle group.

How to relieve muscle pain

Trigger zones can be stored for a long time and even with insignificant physical exertion, overcooling, overgrowing of these muscles, as well as in stressful situations, patients experience severe pain attacks. At the same time, many patients believe that the pain that arose after hypothermia, will gradually pass itself, you just need to endure or drink a pill pain medication.

But this is an erroneous approach, because if not to take measures, the pathological process in the muscles becomes chronic, with both in the muscles and in their shells begins to develop fibrosis (consolidation of myofascial structures), and the fibers themselves gradually begin to atrophy.

Treatment plan

  • First, eliminate spasm, relax the muscle. To do this, you should first heat the fabric using ointments and gels with a warming effect, hot wet wraps or warm compresses. Effectively rubbing with analgesic and anti-inflammatory ointment with the subsequent creation of physical rest for injured muscles.
  • When the pains subsist, physicians recommend to make special complexes of exercises, aimed at consistent relaxation and stretching of the muscles, normalization of their tone. In this case, effective physiotherapy, reflexotherapy, as well as exercise classes and massage, osteopathic therapy. In those cases where there are no contraindications, good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect provides apitherapy.
  • If the pain does not go through within two to three days, you must contact the neuropathologist for additional examination and treatment.
If the nail is made
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