If you have frowned ears

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Often, colds are accompanied by eardrum. This can be very dangerous to health, but the simple rules described below will help prevent complications and cope with the disease.

Every person knows well what a cold: a sore throat, a torture of a runny nose, a head becomes heavy… And if he has laid his ears, his state of health is even worse.

Causes of stiffness of the ears

The eardrum is provoked by the most common colds:

  • Non-life;
  • An inflamed throat;
  • General weakened organism.

Mucus that builds up in the nose during a cold is a great environment for microbes that cause disease.

The nose, throat and ears are one system within which substances can circulate freely. Therefore, infection from the nose through the Eustachian tubes can get into the ears.

If at a cold the ears are laid and the mortality does not pass, then pathogenic microbes have reached the middle ear area. There is an inflammation that causes swelling and a feeling of laceration.

When a cold is started, the middle ear can not only inflammate and sweat, but also fill with mucus causing pain and dizziness. In this case, with the ears, the pus can be released, accompanied by shoots the pain.

Another possible cause of the eardrum is an enlargement of the lymph nodes that make up the lymphoid ring, which is located in the nasopharynx.

When infections are infected in the body, the lymph nodes increase, swell, swell and can close the entrance to the Eustachian tube, which leads to the inner ear, due to which there is a feeling of nudity of the ear.

What to do to keep your ears down

When a cold, even a weak one, it is important to remember simple rules that will allow you not to start the illness.

  1. In order to avoid a cold when eating, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible the accumulation of mucus in the nose.
  2. When rescuing from mucus it is not necessary to sigh a lot, because when strong mucus blowing from the nose, its particles can just fall into the middle ear and cause inflammation.
  3. It is not necessary to treat a cold as something self-propagating. It is necessary to block the spread of the infection as a local action, as well as antiviral and general-purpose remedies.

What to do if the ears are laid

If the cold still spreads to the ears, it is important:

  • Continue to follow the rules described above;
  • Immediately plan a visit to the otorhinolaryngology, as in this situation, without the expert's attention, to remain dangerous.

Before applying to the doctor it is necessary to avoid cold and drafts.

Regarding independent treatment, one should say that at the moment the opinions of specialists are very different. For example, some doctors consider the ear candles to be effective, while the latter speak of the harm of these candles, while others prefer ear drops.

Temporarily reduce the mortality will help anti-edema, and with regard to targeted treatment of the middle ear, it is better to consult with a specialist.

If you have frowned ears
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