If the child was born blind

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The psychological experiences of parents and the questions they face.

The birth of a child with a physical defect is often a surprise to the family. One of the most difficult situations - the emergence of a baby with a serious vision defect - blindness or weakness.

Any mother is waiting for her release from childbirth, she must rejoice at the birth of the child, and she remains in a more difficult position, because the child was born not as expected, and now it is necessary to adapt to the realities of a new life.

What to do and how to live on

Psychological experiences of parents at the birth of a blind child are several stages. Often, they ask themselves only one question: why we were born this particular child, he is not the one we imagined, and in general, why we have, and not somebody else.

The parents of a blind child experience a feeling of injustice to the child and to himself, although they rarely say it aloud. It negatively affects their psychological state, they are locked up in their experiences, cultivate their own misfortune.

Sometimes parents have a strong negative attitude towards the children of their friends who were born sighted. It even more separates them from society.

The position of parents is often reduced to the installation that if a child saw, we could give him a lot, and so all is useless and pointless. And their hands fall down at the very beginning of the path they could go through developing their child.

If the blind is born not the firstborn, then the question sounds even sharper. Parents are surprised at why they have not had blind people before.

Questions taken by parents at the birth of a blind child

Then comes humility, and parents try to adapt to the new situation, to wonder how to live with the blind child, how to develop it. Here are the questions that start worrying parents:

  • How without sight people live in the world of sight;
  • Can we restore our vision to our child;
  • Will our child be merry;
  • Learn to run and play a child;
  • Can a child be taught and educated as other children?
  • Is it possible to develop a child so that he becomes an independent person both physically and psychologically.

All these questions can give an affirmative answer. And blind from birth, but socially adapted people confirm this with their example.

Everything depends on parents. Only they will be able to make the child move, smile, learn to play and run, and in the future give his blind or blind-minded child the education and profession that will make him materially independent, that is, self-confident and self-reliant man.

The birth of a blind child is not a verdict and is not an occasion to put a cross on his fate. It simply means an alternative way of its development and learning.

If the child was born blind

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