Hyperthyroid foot: useful references

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It is known that the legs tend to overcool more than other parts of the body. Hyperthyroidism is dangerous: it can provoke inflammation of the genitourinary system and appendages.

Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common types of hypothermia. Experts say that even at an air temperature of 5 ° C and sufficient humidity, you can overcome the legs, and as a result get inflammatory diseases. Obviously, the cold feet prevent it from warming up to the whole body.

Negative effects of hypothermia

To begin with, you must understand what is dangerous overcooling the lower extremities. Strong and prolonged decrease in the temperature of the feet leads to cystitis, pyelonephritis, rheumatism. In some cases, overcooling can provoke sinusitis, angina, bronchitis, and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Prevention of hypothermia of the legs

To prevent the hypothermia of the legs you need to do the following.

  1. In the cold months of the year, women should not wear synthetic tights. It is desirable to dwell on wool or cotton.
  2. Excessively close footwear complicates circulation of blood, natural heat supply, removes the air layer between the tissue and the skin and causes overcooling of the feet.
  3. It is important to use dry winter insoles, buy several pairs to quickly replace the wet on dry. For people with enhanced sweating, you should also keep an extra pair of dry clean socks at your fingertips (preferably with as thin as light wool).
  4. Avoid using shoes with metal inserts.
  5. Avoid snacks in the cold - smoking is harmful to blood circulation and increases the vulnerability of the legs.

First aid

When the hypothermia of the legs of a mild degree occurred in the settlement, immediately find a warm room (this can be any shelter: a shed, an entrance, a shop, etc.). Try to do physical exercises and workout the ankle. If shoes and socks are off, remove them and wrap your legs with a dry warm natural cloth.

If the overcooling of the feet has hit you far from civilization, try to build a place that is protected from moisture and wind as soon as possible by yourself (from any means of subcategory: clothing, branches, foil), then follow the instructions given above. If it is possible, drink any hot non-alcoholic beverage (except coffee). Frozen legs can not be rubbed or sharply placed in hot water. You can put two pairs of socks, lower - moistened with alcohol, upper - wool are dry. If possible, try to eat richly before going to the cold.

Predatory people rarely face the hypothermia of the extremities. They are wise to choose clothes and time of stay in the cold. For travelers, there are special devices and techniques for preventing a dangerous lowering of body temperature. Try not to let the cold catch you by surprise, remember about effective methods of prevention. And if overcooling still happens, be sure to contact a doctor.

Hyperthyroid foot: useful references
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