Hypertension: the effect on the health of the eyes

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Pathological changes in the fundus of the fundus are one of the signs of hypertension. These changes can be detected by a physician at a thorough examination of the patient's eyelid.

Although usually high blood pressure does not result in pronounced ophthalmic symptoms, but with hypertension, some deviations in the functions of the eyes may occur (sharpness of the eyes decreases, hemorrhages occur in the conjunctiva).

To eliminate these disorders in the retina is usually enough to lower blood pressure. However, in some cases, it is necessary to conduct a special course of ophthalmologic treatment, especially when this disorder is accompanied by other illnesses (diabetes, glaucoma, etc.).

However, eye health and the development of hypertension are interconnected. Scientists have found that pupils who spend too much time watching the TV and sitting behind a computer develops narrowing of the eye arteries. And this is a sign of development in the future of cardiovascular diseases. And the longer the child spends on a computer or a TV, the higher the risk of hypertension.


According to a researcher from the University of Sydney, Bamini Hopinat, a change in the blood vessels in the retina indicates that the body's blood vessels are in general, and especially the heart. Narrowing the blood vessels of the eyes leads to hypertension and heart disease.

Australian scientists surveyed 1.5 thousand children six years old. It was taken into account how much time they played in active games, and how many - in the computer. With the help of photographing physicians calculated the average width of the vessels of the eye.

It turned out that the children spent about two hours near the screens of televisions or computers and only half an hour devoted to mobile games. In boys who gave more mobile games more time, eye vessels were wider than those who were less active.

"We found that children who had more than 1.5 hours in front of TV screens tended to be at greater risk of narrowing the blood vessels of the eye," says Dr. Hopinat.

Everyday at a TV or computer leads to narrowing of the blood vessels that occurs when the systolic pressure is increased by 10 mm Hg. Art. Accordingly, mobile games of children have a beneficial effect on the prevention of hypertension.

Hypertension: the effect on the health of the eyes
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