Hypersensitive people are more likely to recognize the danger

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French scientists working at the Institute for Medical Research and Health recently discovered that hypersensitive people can identify potentially dangerous situations faster than ordinary people. This means that a person with the so-called "sixth sense" reacts more promptly and effectively to the danger in the environment.

According to scientists from France, emotional people with a sensory nervous system are more likely to survive in a critical situation than cold-blooded realists with iron nerves. The fact is that the former are more likely to receive and process incentives that warn of a potential threat, while the latter consider them in terms of just negative or positive emotions. Dr. Marwa El Zain, one of the best staff at the Institute and the author of this study, reported quite interesting news.

For a long time it was customary to think that due to the constant feeling of anxiety and emotional excitement, at some point, a person ceases to be afraid and almost does not react to external stimuli. However, as it turned out later, this postulate does not correspond to reality. In fact, hypersensitivity allows people who fall into a critical situation to respond to it in a timely manner and make really valid decisions that ultimately help survive.

Scientists say that anxiety should be seen as a natural warning signal. That is what makes the adrenaline get to the brain as soon as possible. As a result, a person feels cheerful and assembled, she is ready to either fight for her life, or escape from the potential threat. It should be noted that the human brain can automatically detect some social threat in just two hundred milliseconds. Dr. Zane believes that this response rate is a consequence of the adaptive ability of a person to save his life.

It is worth noting that the average hypersensitive person, being in the crowd, first of all pays attention to people with the evil persons who look directly at her. Then she will notice others around with an angry face that looks in the other direction. This means that, given the facial expressions of other people, a person with a sensory nervous system will be able to catch and understand all the necessary social signals.

To prove this in practice, the researchers conducted an experiment on twenty-four volunteers, both with a hypersensitive and normal nervous system. They were invited to see photos that depicted human faces that express a variety of emotions. More than 1000 tests were conducted, on the basis of which the French scientists were able to conclude: the human brain is the fastest way to detect malice. It's worth noting that people spend a lot more resources to determine the very negative emotions.

However, as it turned out, individuals with a sensitive nervous system are much faster receiving and treating information about potential dangers than people with strong nerves and strong character. The whole thing is that hypersensitive volunteers involved in the processing of photographs with the wicked were responsible for the actions of the brain. But in the unrestrained volunteers, the brain used a completely different section to recognize a potentially dangerous situation, which is associated with the general memory of human faces and emotions.

Hypersensitive people are more likely to recognize the danger
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