Hypermobility syndrome: increased flexibility

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Increased flexibility in medicine is called hypermobility syndrome of the joints. This disease is due to hereditary features of the structure of the connective tissue.

Due to the significant tensile bonding, patients may over-bend in the joints of the arms and legs that a healthy person can not do. The weakness of the ligamentous device leads to dislocation of the joints, frequent dislocations, premature development of osteoarthritis.

Blue eyes blondes

And hypermobility syndrome

The syndrome of hypermobility is found both among boys and among girls. But most often it is combined with a blue eye color (a blue tint of sclera), with light hair, thin and long limbs.

Many modern queen of beauty suffer from hypermobility syndrome. In artistic gymnastics, the most flexible girls are selected, many of which have hereditary anomalies of the structure of the connective tissue.

Owners of excessively moving joints usually have a delicate elastic skin. All this is due to changes in the structure of collagen, which forms the basis of all connective tissue structures (skin, ligaments, sclera, vessels).

Due to the increased elasticity of the links that hold the internal organs, patients with hypermobility often by ultrasound is omission of the kidneys or uterus. After childbirth, these women are more likely to suffer from stretch marks on the stomach and varicose veins.

The main risk factor for hypermobility is heredity.

We test ourselves for flexibility

The diagnosis of hypermobility is the simplest and most complex at the same time. Simple, as it can be posed by a physician on the basis of examination, but complex because there are no standard treatments for this hereditary disease.

The method of determining the HyperMobility by Brayton will help to investigate for the presence of hypermobility:

  • You can reach your thumb to the inside of the forearm (helping yourself with another hand);
  • You extend the little finger more than 90 degrees;
  • When you untangle your elbow, your hand continues to move even after reaching the straight line with the shoulder (reshuffling in the elbow is more than 10 degrees);
  • Leaning forward, you can touch the floor with your palms.

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Patients may experience unpleasant sensations when they are overweight. Quite often there are pains in the knee, shoulder or protozoapillar joints. Reduce pain by helping rest, local ointments and gels with analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory components, physiotherapy.

To prevent subluxations in the joints it is desirable to engage in curative physical education every day. You do not have to invent too difficult exercises. The main thing - to form a muscular corset around the joints, then falling or inconvenient movement will not be accompanied by dislocation.

In active sports exercises on the joints bearing the maximum load, it is necessary to wear orthoses (knee pad, elastic bandage on the lumbar region, ankle or parietal joint).

With increased elasticity of the connective tissue, it is not necessary to play with weight. A set of body mass with subsequent sharp weight loss will lead to the fact that the skin will droop, it will become flabby, and internal organs will lower below physiological values.

At essential pathology from the internal organs special surgeries are performed, which allow lifting the lowered organ and restoring its function.

As a great risk of developing flat feet, it does not hurt to advance the exercises aimed at strengthening the footprint (collect the napkin from the floor with your fingers, lift the pencil with your fingers, walk on the inner or outer surface of the foot, on the toe, on the heel). If the plane can not be avoided, you need to get a supporter.

For prophylaxis of early osteoarthrosis of joints, even young patients are prescribed chondroprotective therapy (don, arthritis, teraflex, piascledin, etc.). In the future, the formation of osteoarthritis in the cavity of the joint injected drugs hyaluronic acid, which has a noticeable therapeutic effect.

Hypermobility syndrome: increased flexibility
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