Hyperacid gastritis

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Hyperacid gastritis is a gastritis with an increased acidity of gastric juice, an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the stomach walls.

The inflammatory process is usually provoked by strong irritation of the mucous membrane. Irritation of a mucous membrane can cause various factors, in the majority of cases it is accompanied by infection by a bacterium Helikobakter piloir. In the chronic course of the disease, changes occur in the mucous membrane with the formation of areas of atrophy (loss of function and tissue degeneration), redness, swelling, deformation of individual folds or large areas, their thickening, and damage to the blood vessels.

Symptoms of giperatsidnogo gastritis at the initial stage are more associated with digestive disorders and prolonged pain. Since the secretion of gastric juice and gastric motility are changing, there is severity after eating, swelling, bloating, nausea, heartburn, there may be constipation. At the hungry stomach there is pain, as well as at night. The time of occurrence of pain depends on the localization of the gastritis affected by the part of the stomach: in case of damage to the fundus, pain occurs after 20-30 minutes after meals, and in case of defeat of the anthrax - in 1-1,5 hours. If gastritis is combined with esophagitis, pain occurs immediately after eating.

Methods of treatment of gastritis differ depending on its form, they are aimed at eliminating the cause of inflammation, elimination of symptoms and restoration of digestion. Given the prevalence of helicobacteric infection, antimicrobial treatment is prescribed.

For eradication (suppression and withdrawal) Х.П. A standard treatment scheme, which includes antimicrobial drug, antibiotic and omeprazole, is adopted. As antimicrobial and antiprotozoal (against the simplest) means use tinidazole or metronidazole. Antibiotics use amoxicillin or clarithromycin, sensitivity to which is proven (but in combination with the previous drug). Omeprazole (Omez) is an integral part of treatment. Without suppression of helicobacteric infection gastritis is not possible to cure.

The main part of treatment is lowering the high level of secretion of gastric juice, which eliminates pain and decreases inflammation. In addition, with pains appoint spasmolitiki: no-shu, papaverine, dietel, as well as cholinolytics: Bellangine, Belestosin, bacarbonate. Antisecretory drugs are necessarily part of a comprehensive treatment. One of them - Omez with gastritis with high secretion is used very widely, is applied 2 times a day for 1 week and then 1 time a day for three weeks. Quamatal, ranitidine, famotidine may also be used.

After the course of antisecretory drugs prescribed antacids, which neutralize the acid gastric juice: Phosphalagel, Maalox, Rutacid, Renny, etc. Immediate administration of antacids is not recommended, since they slow down absorption and reduce the action of antibiotics and other therapeutic drugs. If after the course of treatment there are some dyspeptic phenomena or pain, then appoint a venter for a tablet 4 times a day for a month, with the last dose of the drug - at night.

To improve the condition of the gastric mucosa can appoint buckwheat oil, and for the restoration of the nervous system of the patient prescribed sedative dasgs: persen, new-passive, Deparm, afobazol.

An important part of the treatment from the first days of the disease remains a diet.

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Hyperacid gastritis

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