Hydrocolonotherapy: contraindications

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Cleansing the intestines should be carried out at the appointment of a doctor. All the pros and cons of hydrocolonotherapy.

Recently, it is becoming increasingly popular to think that regular intestinal cleansing will help remove all the debris from the body, improve the general condition and mood. However, not all experts agree.

Contraindications to hydrocolonotherapy of the intestines

Recently, the theory that the regular intestinal cleansing will help remove all the debris from the body, improve the general state of the organism and mood will become more and more popular. But the opinions of experts on this subject were divided.

Wound Mishor, a doctor of medical sciences from the University of Georgetown, conducted a study that examined the results of hydrotherapy of the colon, as well as the following methods of purifying the body as purification with laxative, special teas.

According to the study, Dr. Mishori states that if a person is healthy, then there is no reason for self-detoxification. The human body perfectly cope with this task, and the mechanisms of purification of the body are thought out by nature to the details. If a person suffers from any serious illness, be it heart disease or diabetes, then the self-cleaning of the intestine can be even dangerous.

This study was published in the journal Family Practice.

Hydrocolonotherapy is not only safe, but also useful healthy?

But the representative of the international association on hydrocolonotherapy did not agree with the data of the report. He states: "Hydrocolonotherapy is not only safe, but also useful to healthy and sick people in the event of a procedure by an experienced specialist and the use of special equipment".

Intestinal cleansing: Dr. Mishor's report

When conducting the procedure of hydrocolonotherapy, the patient lays on the table. Pure water or water containing different substances is injected into the rectum through the tube. Waste and liquid are displayed through a second handset.

Cleansers can include:

  • coffee,
  • Grass
  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Other substances.

They are usually taken internally or injected into the rectum.

Lack of facts about the beneficial effect of hydrocolonotherapy

Mysore has analyzed 20 studies published in the last decade.

Having studied the data, she found that the facts convincingly prove the beneficial effect of hydrocolonotherapy on the body, practically absent. Meanwhile, as the data on the side effects of such treatment are numerous.

Adverse effects of hydrocolonotherapy

To the adverse effects of the researchers include:

  • Spasms
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Renal failure.

Also among the side effects described such terrible complications as perforation of the rectum, the occurrence of colitis (inflammation of the gut).

In the report, Mishori describes two patients who underwent a course of hydrocolonotherapy. One of them was hospitalized with dehydration, inflammation of the pancreas. In another, seizures, diarrhea and vomiting were observed.

Similarly, it should not be forgotten that most of the drugs used in the procedure for intestinal cleansing are BAD, and therefore they have not undergone human testing for toxicity and safety.

But all these negative effects are legitimate only with the uncontrolled application of this method. A similar purification may be useful before endoscopic examination. Also, with long-term constipation, the doctor may prescribe an intestinal cleansing procedure, but before that, it is necessary to make sure that there are no health problems that can become a contraindication to the procedure.

Hydrocolonotherapy: contraindications
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