Hivamat-therapy: vibrating massage

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Hiamat-therapy is a simple and accessible way of restoring the body after various kinds of injuries, operations, diseases.

What is HIVAMAT-therapy

The basis of the method of KHIVAMAT-therapy is the principle of therapeutic action on the skin and subordinate tissue vibrations (oscillations) of a certain frequency and depth. They arise between the skin of the patient and the doctor's hands, wearing special vinyl gloves, do not conduct current.

Under the influence of an electrostatic field occurs (the therapist and the patient during the procedure are connected to the device), the surface of the skin and adjacent to it, the fabric is attracted to the point of contact with the gloves dipped when they are diverted to the side. That is, the surface of the body makes small reciprocating movements up and down, which the patient feels like light and pleasant vibration.

Curative effect of KHIVAMAT-therapy

Under the influence of vibrations (oscillations) with certain parameters in the patient's tissues there is a kind of "deep massage" that has a beneficial effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat, muscles and fascias, tendons and ligaments, venous and lymphatic vessels:

  • Improves blood supply and lymph flow
  • Derived slags and toxins
  • Cramps, inflammation and edema are removed
  • Processes of regeneration (restoration) of tissues are activated,
  • Improves metabolism and develops collagen.

When is the most effective XIVAMAT-therapy

  • For pain of different origin and localization (trauma, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis, neurological diseases, neuralgia, migraine, etc.)
  • With violations of venous blood flow and lymph flow, phenomena of venous stasis, including after surgical treatment.
  • With violations of the processes of exchange in tissues (osteoporosis, bedsores, trophic ulcers of the leg, burns, open wounds, etc.)
  • In violation of the contractile ability of muscles of different nature (trauma, consequences of a stroke, multiple sclerosis, and others)
  • With diseases of the respiratory organs and after operations on the organs of the chest with a violation of respiratory tract tone (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and others)
  • In sports medicine to accelerate the recovery after competitions and intensive training, with hematomas and edema, in the recovery period after injuries.
  • In aesthetic medicine to accelerate the regeneration processes after plastic surgery, to prevent the development of coarse scars, in the treatment of cellulite and as a component of rejuvenating procedures (to increase the skin elasticity, support in the tone of the facial muscles, reduce wrinkles, enhance collagen production, etc.).)

Hi-Mate therapy: contraindications

There are a few of them, these include:

Hivamat-therapy: vibrating massage
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