Hyalomyelitis symptoms and treatment

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Even under the guise of "simple" rhinitis, very insidious illnesses that are dangerous with their complications can hide. A vivid example is the "non-serious" sinusitis, which can lead to meningitis.

Hyaluronitis (maxillary sinusitis) - inflammation of one or both of the maxillary paranasal sinuses of the nose. The main cause of the inflammatory process is a bacterial or viral infection that penetrates into the haemorrhoids from the nasal cavity or through the bloodstream.

Symptoms of sinusitis

In the initial stage of the disease, sinusitis is easily confused with respiratory disease and chronic rhinitis. With the development of the inflammatory process in the haemorrhoids, the symptoms of myositis are concretized. This is, above all:

  • Manifestation of pain in the periosternal part. The pain intensifies when pressure is applied to areas adjacent to the wings of the nose.
  • Abundant secretions of mucus. At the initial stage of the selection are transparent. With the development of inflammation, the mucus acquires a yellow or greenish color. Inclusions of pus and blood clots may be present.
  • Acute anthrax may be accompanied by an increase in temperature to + 40 ° С. There is a chill, a great weakness.
  • In the spread of inflammation on the periosteum, the function of the lacrimal glands is violated. This is manifested in tearing of a patient with bright illumination.
  • Loss of smell and weakening of taste sensations.
  • Impairment of well-being in the face of intoxication of the body, manifested in: loss of appetite, insomnia, decreased general tone, increased fatigue.

If you have symptoms of gyumoritis, you should contact your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and appoint a course of treatment.

In the treatment of sinusitis, efforts are directed towards: restoring the passage of the ducts (if necessary); Providing good drainage of mucus from inflamed sinuses; The elimination of foci of a viral or bacterial infection.

Application of a Spray An atom is propolis in the treatment of sinusitis

When gyomorite, a very thick mucus is formed, difficult to be deduced from the sinus sinus. Treatment for gyhomorita involves liquefaction of mucus, abundant drinking and rinsing of nasal cavities with a spray based on natural sea water. Propolis atom. The composition of this spray includes purified sea water of the Aegean Sea and hypoallergenic aqueous extract of propolis.

Spray application The propolis atom promotes: cleansing of mucus and cleansing of the nasal cavity, eliminating edema, and disinfecting the nasal cavities.

For more detailed information on the application of Spray, Propolis can be read in the instructions on the site: //atomer.com.ua/preparatyo-atomer/atomer-propolis.html.

Hyalomyelitis symptoms and treatment
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