Human papillomavirus: what is it like?

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Human papillomavirus is one of the most common viral infections in the world. The disease is not deadly, but it creates a lot of inconveniences and can also provoke cancer.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV, Human Papillomavirus) is a group of viral infectious diseases that manifests itself in the mucous membranes and skin of the carrier in the form of warts and warts.

Today more than one hundred viruses of human papillomas are known, one third of which affects the genital organs.

Papillomaviruses can cause not only benign infections, but also be carcinogenic, that is to provoke the appearance of some types of cancer, including cervical cancer.

Human Papillomavirus: Infection

Viruses are transmitted when they touch, contact mucous membranes, with microtraumas of the skin, as well as by sex. An infected mother can infect a child's child during childbirth.

Manifestations of human papillomavirus


Extremely common today is dermatovenereological disease. His symptoms - protruding education of pink or grayish color, similar to warts, located on the inner surface of the genital organs, as well as on the cervix.

May also be amazed at the back passage. The disadvantages they cause are minimal, but warts are extremely resistant and extremely infectious.

Subsequently, they capture new areas and can "occupy" the genital organs completely.

Viral papillomas

Externally, they are very similar to conventional warts, but the main difference between their "nature" - variability. Papillomas then appear on the surface of the skin, then disappear for no apparent reason.

Flat cervical cancers

The most dangerous manifestation of IDPs and, unfortunately, most often. Flat warts of warts indicate a long, chronic infectious process in the body, which led to changes in the cells of the epithelium. Flat warts can cause cancer of the cervix.

Drainage acute warts

Something similar to the inflorescence of cauliflower, as they are formed by increased sharpened condylomas.

It is important to pass all the tests in time to distinguish from the general genital warts, because the latter may be a sign of more dangerous diseases such as AIDS.

And if it does not interfere?

First of all, tumors cause aesthetic problems. Their appearance and growth can become the cause of the complexes due to their appearance, which inevitably affects the quality of sexual life.

But even if the presence of warts does not cause concern, they can be easily injured during intercourse, causing itching, irritation and inflammation. In addition, condyloma of the vagina may prevent the child from moving through the birth canal.

Human Papillomavirus: Treatment

Completely get rid of the human papilloma virus is impossible. Having once got into the blood, he is present in the body constantly, lifting his head only under the influence of provocative conditions.

It is in your power to get rid of papillomas and warts and prevent a recurrence of the disease. Do not try to treat the human papillomavirus yourself at home.

The approach to treatment should be comprehensive, combining medication therapy, which is designed to suppress the virus and enhance immunity, with one of several ways to remove tumors:

  • Chemical removal of warts, papillomas and warts;
  • Electrocoagulation - removal of formations with the help of high-frequency current;
  • Cryotherapy - baking with liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser removal
Human papillomavirus: what is it like?
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