How to wipe toilet properly: 8 recommendations

How To Clean A Toilet In 3 Minutes! Easy Bathroom Cleaning Ideas That Save Time! Clean My Space (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

November 19 - World Toilet Day. Do you know that one of the most dirty places in the toilet is the door handle? And what do you need to wash not only before the arrival of the guests, but also after their departure? These and other rules of proper hygienic treatment of the toilet - in our article.

  1. The contamination that remains on the walls of the toilet or seat after use should be removed immediately. It is advisable to use for this wet bactericidal napkins and yorzhik.
  2. To prevent contamination of the toilet, pendant containers with gels or pills are used. When they are washed, they create a protective film on the surface of the toilet and prevent contamination.
  3. General cleaning of the toilet detergents should be carried out at least once a week. It is desirable to use at the same time funds that do not contain chlorine, since its pairs are toxic to humans. Handled not only the toilet from inside and outside, but also the floor and walls - they should be covered with easy-to-wash materials.
  4. Means with chlorine can be used if necessary - when you need to remove lime plaque or rust. If you have chronic pulmonary disease and you often use chlorine, get a respirator.
  5. Wash the toilet with a separate cloth, which will be used only for toilet. It is important to take precautionary measures: use disposable rubber gloves and safety glasses. When working with chlorine-containing detergents it is possible to close the door so that in the air there is no dangerous concentration of chlorine vapor.
  6. If there is a patient with an intestinal infection in the house, after each visit to the toilet, it is necessary to wipe the dispensing handle and the door handle with a disinfectant (this may be the usual antibacterial soap). And the toilet itself should be washed with bactericidal agents daily.
  7. A good hostess washed the toilet before coming to the guests, but forget that it is equally important to wash it after. Every person is the carrier of his set of intestinal microflora. Accustomed to "their" microorganisms, the person does not get sick, but others, faced with these pathogens for the first time, immediately catch the intestinal infection. And since the toilet itself is the place for the transfer of intestinal flora, after leaving the guests it needs to be thoroughly washed out.
  8. Particular attention should be paid to maintaining toilet cleaners - as a rule, these were the most toxic substances in the house. It is important to clean them out of the reach of children and animals and keep them in accordance with the instructions.

How to wipe toilet properly: 8 recommendations

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