How to wear contact lenses without eye damage

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In the United States, there were about 50 possible cases of eye damage by mushrooms. Diseases also occurred in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Fungi cause keratitis - inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye. How to wear contact lenses correctly.

Microscopic mushrooms are representatives of the genus Fusarium, which are widespread in nature and often cause infections of agricultural plants.

According to the American Association of Optometrists, the risk of developing fungal keratitis is extremely small. The main cause of corneal inflammation in contact lens users is bacteria.

What symptoms of keratitis need to be addressed?

  • Irritation and reddening of the eye, which persists for a long time after the removal of the lens.
  • Pain in the eyes and around them, which eventually intensifies.
  • Hypersensitivity to light.
  • Sharp attack of visual impairment in the form of blurring or blurredness.
  • A pronounced tear or appearance of other secretions from the eyes.

If these signs occur, contact lenses should be removed immediately and seek medical attention.

Despite the fact that fungal eye damage is extremely rare, eye care and contact lenses will never interfere. Moreover, proper care will help prevent the development of bacterial infections, which are quite dangerous.

How to wear contact lenses

  • Never wear lenses longer than indicated in the instructions for them.
  • Never wear other people's contact lenses.
  • Since lenses can increase sensitivity to sunshine, wear sunglasses on the street with full protection from ultraviolet and broad-hat hats.
  • Dress up lenses before applying makeup, which will prevent them from contaminating.
  • Use eye drops or regular saline to moisturize the eye.
  • Try not to sleep in lenses, except when using lenses for prolonged wear.

How to clean and store lenses

  • Before putting on the lens or any manipulations with eyes, thoroughly wash your hands with running water and soap.
  • Clean and store lenses only in accordance with the instructions (in a clean, fresh container).
  • Try to clean the container for contact lenses daily. You can use sterile solution or hot water for this purpose; Then dry the container in the air.
  • Never wet the lens with ordinary water and do not even put it in your mouth. Microbes can be found even in distilled water, and in saliva they contain millions of times more.
  • To clean, place the lens on a clean palm and gently rub it with the index finger of the other hand. There are special solutions that provide clean without friction.
  • Try not to touch your fingers to the top of the container to store the solution. This can lead to its contamination with bacteria.

How to look after the eyes

  • Watch out for signs of infection, such as redness, burning or excessive lacrimation.
  • If symptoms of infection still appear, immediately remove the lenses and do not use them until the consultation of an ophthalmologist.
  • Every year, visit an ophthalmologist who will check your vision and contact lenses.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you have sudden loss of vision, eye pain, flashes in front of your eyes, blurred vision, swelling, unusual redness or eye irritation.
How to wear contact lenses without eye damage
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