How to treat cherry trees

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What are the symptoms of siliver-shaped legs, how to diagnose and treat it.

Branch lichen is a fungal non-infectious skin disease that is quite common. Its other name is multicolored lichen.

The causative agent is the Pityrosporum orbiculare mushroom. It can be found on the skin without causing the disease, but under certain conditions the fungus begins to multiply, which causes characteristic symptoms. This happens, for example, at elevated temperature and humidity.

In people with diseases of the endocrine system, low immunity, increased sweating of scallopia develops much more often. There are studies that talk about the important role of the chemical composition of sweat for the activity of the fungus.

How to treat shingles?

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom of multicolored scabies is the appearance on the skin of the chest, back, neck of characteristic spots with festonic edges. Most often they are brown, but sometimes there are also pink eruptions. Their surface is covered with small white scales. From the moment of the rash and the diagnosis of the patient, the question arises as to how to treat the shingles.

Over time, the spots grow and merge together. Under their skin does not sunbathe, so after treatment, the area of ​​the lesion is easy to notice. Depigmentation areas are usually stored for several months.

The disease has a long run. The general condition does not suffer, stains are not disturbed, therefore patients often do not address to the doctor. In the summer, spontaneous treatment sometimes occurs, as the ultraviolet kills the fungus.

Basic principles of diagnostics

A dermatologist can easily diagnose a clinical picture of the genital tract: multiple spots of brown or reddish brown color, located on the body and neck, and do not disturb the patient. Despite the fact that the spots of the patient do not bother, it is necessary to deal with the fact that it is necessary to treat shingles.

When scaling the surface of the spot, peeling increases, which is also a typical symptom. In the beams of Wood's lamp, which is used to detect mushrooms, the spots glow red-yellow light.

Baltser's test with lichen is positive. If you grease the foci of lesion with a solution of iodine, and then rub with alcohol, then they are stained much more strongly than the surrounding skin.

How to treat the shingles

Like other fungal diseases, the licorice is treated with antifungal drugs. In normal cases, they are prescribed locally in the form of lotions, creams, ointments, since the pathogen only affects the stratum corneum without affecting the nails and hair.

To improve the exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin affected by the fungus, in the intervals between the application of antimycotic agents, the cells are treated with salicylic alcohol.

If the defect is distributed to a significant area of ​​the skin, sometimes appoint antifungal drugs inside. This significantly reduces the timing of treatment. In addition to the main therapy used shampoos, which include selenium. They wash like a shower gel.

Prevention of licorice

Usually colored lichen is not prone to relapse, but those with predisposing factors for its development, it can occur again. To prevent this, you must carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene.

A good preventive measure is salicylic wipe the skin with alcohol two to three times a week. It is effective to use antifungal creams and lotions once or twice a month.

Particular attention Bran prevention should be given leave in the summer, as the heat and humidity contribute to the reproduction of the fungus.

How to treat cherry trees
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