How to treat liver disease

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Often people go to the pharmacy from a doctor, knowing their exact diagnosis, and someone does not even suspect that their liver is already ill. What are the conditions in which the liver suffers and needs help? How to treat liver disease?

The two main groups of liver lesions are the most common: hepatitis and hepatoses. Hepatitises are characterized by inflammation of the liver tissue, and hepatosis is a rebirth of the liver tissues. Hepatitises are infectious, ie caused by viruses or parasites, and non-infectious, the cause of which are the toxins that enter the liver with food, and other poisons that come from the outside or formed in the liver during the process of splitting various substances.

Hepatosis usually develop with prolonged exposure to alcohol or some medications, with an abnormal diet with a sharp loss of weight (while it is overloaded with decay products), with type 2 diabetes or obesity, that is, in case of abnormal fat metabolism. Less known are fatty liver dystrophy (the cause speaks for itself) and alcoholic liver disease that leads to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

What are the first signs of liver disease that need our attention?

If your usual rhythm of life has been disturbed by the incomprehensible intolerance of certain types of food, alcohol, "strange" phenomena in the toilet, and lately it is bled with fatigue and insomnia, it's time to take care of the liver. The most advanced of us, weighing all the risk factors, will go to the hospital to undergo a diagnosis of liver disease: ultrasound, blood and urine tests. Others will go to the pharmacy to select, together with a specialist, a remedy that protects and restores the liver. Others will be armed with reference books, the media will find a solution themselves. Any of these methods is acceptable, the choice is for you, so that it leads to the desired result.

In order to reduce liver damage and help it to restore its function, a special class of drugs - hepatoprotectors - is widely used. We will list the main representatives of this class: essential phospholipids (Essentsiale forte, Esslevier, Remalut Pro), preparations of thistle spots (Karsil, Legalon, Silimar), preparations of artichoke (hofitol) and other plants (Liv-52), preparations of phosphatidylcholine (Phosphogliv), ursodehydrochole Acid (Ursosanu, Ursofalk), thioctic acid (Thioctacid), methionine and ademetionin (heptralum), ornithine (Gepa-Merz), organoleptic preparations of animal origin (cyrepar, hepatosan), lecithin and many herbal remedies and supplements with less pronounced reparative (restorative) Action on the liver.

The most widely used drugs in liver disease are the first three groups of these hepatoprotectors, others are used by the appointment of a doctor. Essential phospholipids and spotted thistle preparations will allow the liver to reestablish diluted and lost cells, they are safe and effective in treating all diseases of the liver, as well as for the prevention of liver damage, for example, the intake of drugs or alcohol.

It is believed that BAAs are safer than medications, but none of the dietary supplements has been studied in terms of efficacy and safety to the extent required for drug registration. Many of them are based on combinations of several components, including Medicinal herbs, precise mechanisms of action and effectiveness which are not always known, and even more so in combination with each other. Of course, there are many herbal collections in folk medicine, the effectiveness of which has been tested for centuries and confirmed by modern science. They are also used successfully.

In addition, folk medicine offers medical nutrition for diseases of the liver, which has little to add. Power is recommended to be fractional, that is, in small portions, 5 times a day. In diet №5, the main emphasis is on LIGHT SUGARS (cheese, boiled nonfat meat and fish), LIGHT CARBON (Fruit, Juices) and LIGHT FATS in small quantities (vegetable oil). Moreover, meat and fish broths are completely excluded in the medical diet, as the soya-based remedies that act on the liver and pancreas, just like the release of the right whip of a driven horse.

Dishes are better to cook in liquid, puree, chopped, steamed or cooked. In the exacerbation of liver disease, bread is replaced by white bread crumbs, and products that contain a coarse vegetable fiber and increase the fermentation processes in the intestine are excluded. By following these guidelines at least half, you will provide invaluable help in restoring and protecting your liver!

Always remember that before you take on your liver with a desire to improve its condition, you need to know how to treat liver disease properly, what really helps it, and to avoid unwanted consequences of inadequate treatment.

How to treat liver disease
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