How to treat an intestinal stick in children and adults

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It is worth learning how to distinguish a useful intestinal rod from harmful. The useful sticks live in our intestines in order to help the body regulate the level of cholesterol, replenish the reserves of some vitamins and protect against opportunistic bacteria. A useful E. coli can not cause harm, but pathogenic - in the case of running, it can even lead to a fatal outcome.

Where is the pathogenic E. coli from children and adults taken?

1. Do not wash hands and natural foods such as: milk, cheese, sour cream, are carriers of intestinal sticks.

2. River and bathing in it is dangerous. The fact is that animals, like people, swim in water bodies, and they can have different intestinal sticks that lead to infectious diseases. In the summer, this problem is most urgent, as heat provokes the reproduction of bacteria.

3. Contact with an infected person. For example, a child drinks water from a bottle of another child, which has an E. coli.

What are the symptoms of E. coli infection:

1. Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, flatulence or constipation.

2. Lethargy and dizziness, leading to a decrease in work capacity.

3. Increase in temperature.

4. Kall gets a sharp smell that has not been observed before.

How to cure an intestinal sticks:

1. If there are signs of poisoning, you should immediately clean the stomach and intestines. This way will quickly lead you or your child into a feeling. A lot of drinking water in poisoning will make the stomach get rid of everything unnecessary, and for the intestine use the well-known enema.

2. The next step is to decontaminate the E. coli. To eliminate it, you need to make a decoction of the field daisies, it is a natural antiseptic and perfectly cope with pathogenic sticks. Drink a glass of broth and after a while repeat the procedure.

3. If you really want to eat, you can eat only a few crackers cooked at home independently. Cut bread into pieces and roast in the oven. With the other food you have to suffer, at the moment the food can provoke even greater intoxication.

4. An elevated temperature indicates that you or the child need help from a doctor. The point is that you can knock down the temperature with the usual pills, but you will not eliminate the reason for its appearance, and this will lead to deterioration of the patient's condition.

5. Be sure to follow the diet, preferably not eat fatty, smoked, sharp products. Intestines after poisoning and cleaning, useful bacteria are needed, so dairy products are not superfluous.

How to treat an intestinal stick in children and adults

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