How to treat bug bites

Treating Bug Bite Rashes - Dr. Ava (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

In rare cases, bugs are the carrier of diseases, but still more trouble - itching, irritation, pain - deliver bugs themselves bugs.

There are many types of these insects, but the concern of a person is caused mostly by the so-called bed bugs. In the afternoon they hide, and at night they climb on the bed, bite the skin of a sleeping person and thus feed.

Why a person does not feel a bite bite

Bugs are introduced in the morning with saliva with an anticoagulant to prevent blood coagulation and anesthetics, and suck the blood. That's why the bugs of the bugs do not feel sleepy person. You can feel a bite only if you have bitten a young bug: they do not have enough analgesics in their saliva. Therefore, the young bug is saturated for about three minutes, an adult can feed up to fifteen.

Where do bugs live

Bugs can live almost anywhere in the house: in small cracks, bases or furniture upholstery, curtains, interior corners of dressers, in wallpaper. But most often they live in bedrooms: in mattresses of beds, in sofas, etc.

Since these insects can spend a long time without food, they often inhabit even non-residential premises and wait for a convenient moment to move to more favorable conditions. Bugs are easily placed in their homes from hotels and infected with these insects apartments. They are carried in suitcases and even on clothes. You can bring the bedbugs together with new furniture.

Symptoms of a bite bite

Bites of bugs can be immediately and not to notice or confuse them with bites of mosquitoes, fleas or manifestations of some skin diseases. How to recognize the presence of bedbugs in the apartment?

First of all, bugs have odor glands, so their presence can be felt by smell.

On sheets or in places where clumps of insects remain dark spots - these are traces of faeces.

Most often these insects bite in open places: on the neck, hands, face. Usually bed bugs are plural and arranged in one line. Therefore, dermatologists call traces of "breakfast, lunch, dinner", that is, a consistent diet that occurs in the neighborhood. However, if a small population lives in the apartment, the bugs of the bedbugs may be small.

In place of bite bite it is indicated:

  • Slight swelling;
  • redness;
  • Strong itching.

If the bites of the bugs are combed, you can take the infection, then the affected area of ​​the skin will become painful, manure will appear.

How to treat bite bites

The bites of the bugs are not specially treated, they will pass themselves. But to remove the pain and itch is possible.

You can rinse bites places with water with alcohol or soap, aloe juice, add ice or cabbage leaves to the texts, rubbed to the appearance of the juice of leafy plantain.

Also help with loaves from broth St. John's wort. One tablespoon of herbs should be brewed in one glass of boiling water, moisten it in an infusion fleece and apply to the affected areas.

There is also an unusual way to cope with itching: it is necessary to pinpoint an asterisk around the place of the bite, squeeze the affected area and hold for several minutes without breaking. True, scientific justification does not have this method for itself.

You can take antihistamines, because allergies can occur on bite bites.

It fights well with rash and itchy hydrocortisone ointment, it needs to grease bites.

Prevention of bite bites

The presence of bedbugs is an indicator of the sanitary trouble of the room. Therefore, when these insects are detected, complete sanitary treatment is shown. It is best to entrust it to specialists who destroy insects with the help of insecticides. If this option is not possible, you can conduct the disinsection independently.

Bugs are afraid of moisture, so you need to do general cleaning. It is necessary to inspect and clean all corners and cracks with a damp cloth, to wash clothes and linen, pillowcases and sheets, to process cabinets.

Mattresses and sofas should be cleaned with hot steam using steam. Beds and sofas are best removed from the walls: after all, bugs are taken to bed places from the floor, cabinets, etc.

There is another cunning method: put under the bed of each bed a container with water. Suitable metal bowls or large aluminum mugs.

How to treat bug bites

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