How to treat adenoids

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Adenoids are an enlargement of the lymphoid tissue of the pharyngeal tonsil, which causes difficulty in nasal breathing, hearing impairment, and voice change.

Treatment of adenoids can be done in three ways. The choice of treatment depends on the frequency of inflammation, the size of adenoids, the complications that occur.

Conservative treatment

Conducted at the 1-2-th degree of adenoid increase (when the coulter and hoans are covered by 1/3, 1/2). Lemos is a bone that forms a nasal septum. Hoani - holes through which the cavity of the nose is reported with a throat. For treatment, bacterial lysate IRS 19 is used, which leads to an acceleration of recovery and a reduction in relapse.

Conduct immunostimulating therapy (thymolin, timoptin, vilozen). The use of natural stimulants: ehinotsi, chamomile, garlic, propolis, and others. Outside of exacerbation, it is recommended to introduce nasal astringents, ultraviolet irradiation of the tonsils.

Climatic treatment

Rest on the seaside, sunshine, rinsing of the nasopharynx by sea water have a beneficial effect on the state of adenoids. The protective forces of the organism increase, and the size of the adenoids decreases.


Indications for surgical intervention are the 2-3rd degree of increase in adenoids (the coulter and hoans are closed on 1/2, 2/3), persistent nasal breathing difficulties, and the absence of the effect of conservative treatment.

Indications for surgery are also disorders in the body caused by adenoids (otitis, deformation of the facial skeleton, and others). Contraindications to the operation are blood diseases (hemophilia), diseases of the cardiovascular system, cells purulent infection (caries of teeth, pyoderma, etc.).

Before surgery, it is necessary to examine blood coagulation, determine the duration of bleeding, the number of platelets.

Operation short-term and maloboleznennaya. In young children, anesthesia is not performed, surgery can be done in outpatient settings. In adults, surgery is carried out in a hospital. Adenotomy is performed by the otorhinolaryngologist.

The main stages of the operation in the child are: fixing the child in the hands of the assistant, local anesthesia with 1 percent solution of dikain or 10 percent solution of lidocaine, removal of adenoids through the mouth with Beckman adenotom, spatula.

After surgery, the child is asked to gently hang on to clean the nasal cavity from the blood and rinse the mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. After that, in both halves of the nose, injections of cotton wool are injected until the bleeding stops.

The child should be laid sideways on the bed with a low pillow. You can eat ice cream or suck ice pieces. Ask the child to periodically spit the saliva in the diaper to monitor the bleeding.

In the event of a bleeding, the incision of the adenoid residues is shown. If this does not produce an effect, use the rear tamponade and all-electroplating means.

How to treat adenoids
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