How to suspect nail fungus

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Anxiety Symptoms That Say About Nail Disease.

Mushrooms that cause nail disease are among the three major groups: dermatophytes, candidias and molds.

The most common way of infection - contact-household, through general use, bath, linen, clothes, shoes.

Often infection occurs when walking barefoot in the pool and sauna, since the fungus loves the moisture of the warm environment and long stays in such conditions.

The development of fungal lesion of the nails contribute to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and increased sweating of the feet.


As a rule, the fungus does not affect the nail, but the skin of the interdigital gaps. And from there he comes back to the nail again.

At the beginning of the disease only the color of the nail plate changes. It becomes cloudy, yellowish with brown or gray spots, stripes.

As the disease progresses, the fungus penetrates deeper, affecting the deep layers of the nail. It thickens, it begins to crumble. Through the nail can see the layers of keratinous masses. If the pathogen is the fungi of the genus Candida, then the inflammation of the periosteum rollers is further developed. They become red and swollen. When pushed on a nail from it stands out manure.

In the absence of treatment, with the passage of time, the removal of the nail plate.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus

A dermatologist carries a scissor from a nail plate that undergoes microscopy and in some cases a culture study to determine the type of fungus. This helps to better match the drug for therapy.

Modern antimycotic drugs are safe and low toxic. This is very important because the treatment of nail fungus is long and can take more than six months. The duration of the course depends on the rate of growth of the nail: until the end of treatment, a healthy nail plate should grow completely. Reception of drugs inside allows you to create a high concentration of active substance in the nail.

In order to accelerate the treatment, local remedies are also used in the form of varnishes or lotions. If the nails are heavily modified, it makes sense to remove the keratinous masses. Nowadays, this is done absolutely painlessly with the help of special nail softening preparations, or hardware methods.

Prevention of mycosis nails

Prevention is important for the patient in order to prevent self-infections, and for members of his family.

Necessary thorough treatment of the bathroom, carpets, furniture. When defeating the fingernail nails, the footwear is disinfected with formalin or vinegar. Shoes, clothes, underwear should be kept only in personal use.

It is important to follow the rules of personal hygiene, including thorough washing your feet. It is desirable to choose shoes from natural materials, as it feels less in the foot. Hyperhidrosis increases the probability of infection with the fungus, so it is necessary to deal with it with the help of special means. In pools and saunas you can not walk barefoot, after their visit it is desirable to treat the foot with antifungal cream or lotion.

A possible place of infection is subdued rooms in beauty parlors. You need to watch how the master handles a pedicure bath and tools.

Prevention takes on a special role if we recall that the treatment of nicotine mycosis is not cheap because of the cost of the drugs itself and the duration of the course of therapy. It is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it.

How to suspect nail fungus
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