How to stop vomiting

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In the process of vomiting, there is a completely natural cleansing of the stomach from poor quality products. But in some cases, the cause is a malfunction in one or more organs that are responsible for digestion. And it is very important to know how to stop vomiting so that no dehydration occurs.

Vomiting can have totally different causes. It is possible that the body is simply poisonous and it carries out self-purification. But if it does not stop for a long time, then it is necessary to take special measures, up to the visit of the doctor, in order to prevent prolonged vomiting.

Causes of vomiting

In order to understand how to stop vomiting, you need to know the causes of its appearance. The most common of these are the following:

  • poisoning;
  • Early pregnancy;
  • Defeat of the central nervous system;
  • Gastrointestinal disease;
  • Emotional overload;
  • Infectious disease.

Also, vomiting is a symptom of diseases such as appendicitis and cholecystitis. In this case, in order to stop the vomiting, you will need the help of a doctor, and in some cases - and surgical intervention.

Methods of stopping vomiting at home

If the body is poisonous, then you can drink alkaline mineral water. And in this case its consumption can be in unlimited quantities. If there is no such water, then simply dissolve some salt in the boiled water with the addition of soda. Salt will help remove toxins. Soda will start to stimulate digestion, as well as reduce the acidity of the contents of the stomach.

Also, to stop vomiting, you can make a weak solution of manganese, and then drink it. Note that in this case you can tear again, after which you will need to take 100 milligrams of the prepared solution again. This method can be used for diseases of children.

Many who face the problem of how to stop vomiting, know that activated carbon is a good tool. It is necessary to take it in the calculation of one tablet per 10 kilograms of the total body weight of the patient. Note that vomiting will not happen immediately, but you will feel a noticeable improvement in the general condition.

Usually, when poisoning to complete the release of nausea and vomiting, lasts for at least 24 hours. The most important thing in this case is to drink as much liquid as possible. If the body is able to take food, then it's best to limit yourself to an apple or a low-fat yogurt.

Anti-inflammatory action has green tea. Therefore, in the event of nausea, it can simply be chewed. Prepare antiemetic tincture from mandarin or lemon peel in advance. Take 2 -3 tablespoons of crusts and add them in 500 ml of vodka. The solution should be infused within 7 days. You must take it before meals in the event of nausea of ​​20-30 drops diluted in ½ cup water. Naturally, this method is more appropriate if you occasionally encounter such an unpleasant problem as a vomiting that you want to stop.

Remember that before you start self-medication, you must be sure of the causes of the appearance of vomiting. Otherwise, with the help you should consult only a specialist who can correctly diagnose and knows exactly how to stop the vomiting in your case.

How to stop vomiting
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