How to stay sober at the party - expert advice

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The rule of thumb - in a glass poured on the mark, which turns out, if you substitute to the capacity of the thumb: usually more than half of the glass can not pour in.

A team of researchers at Iowa State University and Cornell University evaluated the role of various factors in order to be able to control the amount drunk. They analyzed various scenarios of alcoholics and their accompanying rules of conduct. It turned out that avoiding accidental biting is best done by the "thumb" rule.

"About 70% of people who took part in the trial and followed the rule under the conventional name" half a cup ", drank less than about 20 percent of alcoholic beverages," the authors said. This suggests that the rule of thumb or the rule of two fingers can be an effective strategy to reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Scientists also compared episodic use of alcohol among men and women with their body mass index (BMI). The results showed that BMI does not have any effect on women. However, the higher the index was in men, the more they were inclined to "overtake".

How to stay sober at the party - expert advice
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