How to shave a shaft between forehead teeth

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Diastema (space or "gap" between teeth) can be the cause of speech impairment and other communicative and psychological difficulties in communication.

As a rule, the gap between the anterior teeth is one of the concomitant symptoms of deformation of bite, which leads to the development of periodontal disease. Diastema is common in children and in most cases it disappears naturally as the child's tooth-jaw system develops. However, the diastema may be accompanied by a highly developed bristle of the upper lip, and in this case, to remove the gap between the teeth is possible only with the help of dental manipulations.

The causes of the diastema are the gap between the anterior teeth

  • Partial adentia (lack of teeth, including after removal);
  • Abnormal bone structure of incisors;
  • Insufficient grafting of the palatine suture;
  • Excessive development and soft tissue sealing between the teeth;
  • High attachment of the tongue bridles;
  • Critical periodontal disease.

Kinds diast

  • False diastema - is formed at the stage of replacement of milk teeth on permanent and disappears naturally;
  • The true diastema - is formed with a total number of teeth and, therefore, to remove the gap between the teeth possible with the help of special treatment.

Diastomy treatment

To remove a gap between the anterior teeth can be by means of the following methods:

  • Operational, which involves conducting frenuloplasty (changes in the level of lumbar or lip fastening);
  • Restores, aimed at correcting the integrity of the dentition and prosthetics using implants;
  • Orthodontic, which involves the use of removable and non-removable orthodontic devices.

To remove the gap between the teeth, a complex of dental procedures is required, the choice of which is based on the results of careful diagnosis of the causes of diastema development.

Modern bracket systems for the treatment of diastema

The design of modern orthodontic devices is aimed at achieving the maximum result of the stabilization of treatment, taking into account the individual peculiarities of the development of diastema. Clearing the gap between the teeth can be due to the body displacement of teeth in the desired position by imposing braces and rubber traction.

Veneers - a versatile way to remove the gap between the anterior teeth

The use of veneers in the treatment of diastema is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of the teeth and to remove the gap between the anterior (and not only) teeth.

The veneer is a thin plate of porcelain or composite material, which is installed on the visible surface of the tooth and thereby closes the damaged area of ​​the tooth. Crowns with porcelain fascia are often used to remove the gap between the teeth in the event of the impossibility of using bracket systems to correct the wrong posture of the teeth.

How to shave a shaft between forehead teeth
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