How to set up an inner clock

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Normally, our internal clock is set up not for a 24-hour cycle of life, but for a longer period. That's why we can sleep if we go down later or do not start the alarm clock. But we are forced to adapt to the 24-hour cycle of day and night, set by nature.

"People need to see the light in order to adjust their internal clock for daily change of day and night," said the professor at the Portland Institute of Sleep Disorder, Alfred Levy. "The blind do not see the light, but if their inner hours are deceived, telling them to sleep during the day and sleep at night, they will Suffering from insomnia and daytime sleepiness".

In the United States, with nearly 2 million blind people suffering from insomnia about 200 thousand men, similar statistics are observed in Ukraine. Dr. Leviprowel was studied in 7 blind sleep-disturbed patients who received melatoninin on placebo for an hour before bedtime for several weeks. Neither the patients themselves nor the medical staff knew who the medication was given, and whoever was a dummy.

Inner clock and melatonin

In all patients, the cycle time of the day was longer than 24 hours on average for 60 minutes. The result of treatment was the normalization of the sleep-wake cycle in all who took melatonin. Half of them continued to take the drug for three months, resulting in a steady improvement in sleep, although dosamelatonone was significantly reduced.

"Even a small dose of the drug can stabilize the result achieved by the previous treatment," commented Professor JamJJan, who did not take part in clinical trials. "This study is important for blind patients suffering from severe chronic sleep disturbances."

Disturbances in the formation of melatonin in blind patients are due to lack of sunlight needed for the production of this hormone. The same problems are observed in night shift workers living in northern cities and almost all in the winter time period. Very often, such patients are prescribed tabletchymelatonin for correction of an internal clock, but the side effects of these drugs are not currently clarified. This study also showed the efficacy of treatment with lamotrigine in small doses, which may reduce the risk of possible complications.

How to set up an inner clock
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