How to reset your vision self-help: helpful tips

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Self-recovering vision is quite real, but in addition to special exercises for the eyes, you must acquire and other useful habits.

There are many reasons why vision is spoiled. The reason for changing the work or structure of the eye can be trauma, infectious or chronic disease, nerve strain, metabolic disorders, bad habits, etc.

At times, it's not easy to determine the exact cause of vision loss, but there are some rules that can help prevent illness and restore your eyesight independently.

Useful habits to save sight

If the vision began to deteriorate, it can be restored to its severity in simple and accessible ways. First, you should review your habits - eliminate the harmful and buy useful. Example…

  • Throw more often. Blending contributes to the cleansing and dampening of the eye. Morgats need an average of once every five seconds (10-12 times per minute).
  • Breathe evenly and deeply. Breathing in full chest provides the necessary saturation of the whole body with oxygen, as well as relaxes the body and relieves visual tension.
  • Rest with your eyes. If your eyes are tired, you need to close them and completely relax for a few minutes. You can use palmings - an effective eye relaxing technique that was invented by American professor W. Bates.
  • Ask your eyes. Spend as little time as possible in a room with artificial lighting. Try to walk in the fresh air without glasses and lenses for at least 30 minutes a day. In bright sunshine, use sunglasses and never look at the sun with unprotected eyes.
  • Do not forget about peripheral vision. Do not concentrate on one point that is in front of you. Try to notice everything that falls into your field of vision.
  • Often, move your eyes. To translate a view from one subject to another, to carefully consider everything around, to shift focus from close objects to the far and vice versa - these are fundamental exercises, through which you can self-recover eyesight.

Lifestyle as a way to restore vision

To restore your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy, you need to have a healthy lifestyle - more walking, doing sports, building your diet right.

How to reset your vision self-help: helpful tips
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