How to save the beauty of the legs: all about varicose veins

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The question is answered by Vladimir Akhmetov, vascular surgeon, Ph.D., head. Department of Vascular Surgery MCL №20.

- What is a varicella disease and what is its prevalence?

- Varicose disease is characterized by the expansion of subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities due to the failure of the connective tissue of a person. In the failure of the connective tissue, the valves of the connective veins of the lower extremities begin to damage, the blood flow from the deep vein system develops, where the pressure is higher than in the subcutaneous veins, the subcutaneous veins are expanding.

Chronic venous insufficiency, one of the manifestations of which is the varicose disease, is the most common vascular disease. Varicose disease affects about 25% of people in the European population.

- Is it true that varicose veins often affect women, and does the age aspect matter?

- Yes, women suffer this illness more often than men. Childbirth is a provocative factor. Also, a significant role in the development of the disease in women is the use of hormonal contraceptives. The age aspect is also important: with age, the number of patients with varicose veins increases.

- Is there a clear pronounced dependence of this disease on the professional activity or way of life of a person?

- Undoubtedly, the way of life affects the development of the disease. In the risk zone there are people who, for a long period of time, are holding on an official duty, such as sellers, hairdressers, surgeons. Office employees risk not less. The fact that a prolonged orthostatic load (standing, sitting) provokes the development of varicose disease due to blood stagnation in the lower limbs, lack of muscle pump performance.

Sleepy lifestyle, bad habits such as smoking, also contribute to the development of varicose veins.

- What are the signs of varicose veins and when should it begin treatment to avoid complications?

- The main symptoms of the disease: swelling of the legs, especially in the evening, the appearance of venous mesh and vascular asterisks, and later, and enlarged veins on the legs, changes in the color of the skin on the leg and foot.

The disease is easier to prevent than long and painfully treat it. In the presence of congenital inclination it is necessary to use prophylactic measures at the earliest stages of the disease, at the stage of occurrence of small edema on the legs until the evening.

- What are the complications of varicose veins?

- The most terrible complication of varicose veins - the appearance of trophic venous ulcers on the shin and foot. Venous ulcers are not indications of amputation of the limb, but their life makes them considerably more difficult. Such ulcers can not be cured without eliminating their causes - abnormal discharge of blood from the deep venous system.

- What is the treatment of varicose veins (methods, drugs, frequency of courses, etc.)?

- At the first stages of the disease - conservative treatment. It includes moderate physical activity for activating the muscle pump, elastic bandage, the use of special drugs - venotonics. These drugs directly affect the venous wall, protecting and strengthening it. Well-labeled preparations on the basis of plant substances, for example, Veneras.

- At what stage of the disease do patients refer to you as a vascular surgeon? Is high percentage of running cases?

- To the vascular surgeon patients fall mainly, unfortunately, in the underdog cases, in the stage of pronounced manifestations of varicose disease. When the veins are visible to the naked eye, large sizes, often after repeated thrombophlebitis and the development of trophic changes on the limbs.

- Is it necessary to take venotonics to prevent the development of complications? If so, how often? And what venotoniki are most effective?

- Venotonics is a compulsory component of therapy for venous insufficiency. In the initial stages, the varicose disease is well documented. Venotonics, such as Veneras, increase the tone of the venous wall, improve the microcirculation and venous outflow, prevent progression of the disease and the development of complications.

- How do you feel about supplements for "beautiful legs"? Are they effective?

- If the BAA contains active substances that are in certified medicines, they can expect some effect from them. Unfortunately, the composition of dietary supplements and the actual filling of its declared components is not always true, and it is difficult to check it.

If the tool somehow helps, without harm, you can apply it. But there is a sufficient number of registered drugs, so take whatever is undesirable.

How to save the beauty of the legs: all about varicose veins
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