How to rinse nose furatsillin

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Desperate to get rid of the frustrated undead by folk remedies, many are resorting to medical treatment. But how to rinse your nose with furatsilin correctly?

Nasal flushing has always helped in the fight against non-life, which inevitably accompanies a wide variety of colds. Many for these purposes use a soda solution, but there are bacteria with which soda manages much less effectively than furatsilin. Everyone cares about his health, a person should know how to rinse his nose with furatsilin correctly.

A bit about the drug

Furacilin is an effective, and most importantly, affordable medication. Rinse the furatsilinovaya solution with your nose, you will get rid of undead in just three or four days. Also, this drug is very effective as an adjunct to the treatment of these diseases:

  • stomatitis;
  • angina;
  • Sinusitis
  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Strong undead

In order to prepare a solution, it is enough to beat one tablet of furatsillin and dilute the resulting powder in warm water. After that, you can proceed directly to the issue of how to rinse the nose with furatsilinom.

The course of the medical procedure

Before rinse your nose with furatsilinom, make sure that you have everything you need:

  • A preparation in tablets or in a powder;
  • Special kettle for washing the nose or sterile syringe;
  • Boiled, warm water (1 liter).

The clumsy runny nose will leave you pretty quickly if you follow a series of rules that will help answer the question of how to rinse the nail furatsilinom:

  1. When dissolving powder (or chopped ½ pills) in water, make sure that the resulting liquid is homogeneous. Particularly large particles of the drug dissolve quite slowly. The temperature of the water should be within 37-38 degrees, a high-quality solution will have a moderately yellow tint. This liquid should be filled with a special kettle or syringe. Now you can immediately proceed to the procedure for washing the nasal furatsilinovoy solution.
  2. Leaning over the bath, gently turn the head sideways. To avoid getting a solution in the Eustachian tube, make sure that your head does not bend in the process of washing.
  3. From the calculation of 0.5 liters of solution per each nostril, enter them in turn fluid. If the process of rinsing the nose furacylin proceeds correctly, then the solution, falling into one nostril, will come out of the other. Try not to swallow the liquid that is in the mouth. Furacilin solution is used exclusively externally.
  4. At the end of the procedure, try to stay in bed for some time, so as to avoid getting any liquid residues in the Eustachian tube, and through them - in the middle ear.

The procedure should be repeated at least 3 times a day for one week. Understanding how to rinse your nose with furatsilinom, you can easily cope with any non-life, no matter how prolonged and difficult it was.

How to rinse nose furatsillin
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