How to return lost eye

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Most people spend a lot of time every day at the computer, which affects the stars. Therefore, many of us are beginning to think about how to turn your eyes on.

The bad effect of the monitors on the stars to zero is practically impossible. Usually, by the end of the day, the eyes are very tired, while not every person has the rest of the daytime. Unfortunately, virtually no one takes into account the rules of ergonomics and the recommendations of doctors, even those people who spend computers and work, and free time. As a result, vision is gradually spoiled and the question arises: "How to turn a star?".

Why is vision worsening and how can it be corrected?

It should not be assumed that spoil vision is an irreversible process, since everything can be corrected, it's enough to just listen to the advice of physicians and allocate at least half an hour a day to restore it.

The vision worsens due to the fact that the optical system of the eyes ceases to properly focus on the retina of the rays, starting to do this or a little farther or closer. Therefore, asking yourself how to reverse the vision, you should think about how you can turn your eyes to the ability to focus in the required place of the retina.

It is possible to solve a problem with a deteriorated vision by means of a laser operation in which the shape of the lens changes, resulting in the rays of light being reduced to the right place. However, this method has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages of surgical intervention:

  1. Guarantees in the successful operation result do not exist.
  2. The natural structure of the eye changes.
  3. It is impossible to carry out such an operation in the presence of some diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.
  4. The operation eliminates the result of an eye defect, and not its cause.

Thinking about how to regain your eyes, it's worth considering that the lens of the eye is a soft body that changes its shape with the help of muscles. Therefore, to restore lost vision can be by means of training the muscles of the lens, gradually returning to its former form. This process is natural, unlike the operation, because the effect will occur on the very cause of deterioration of vision.

Exercises for the recovery of visual acuity

With the help of a set of special exercises, divided into warming up and training, vision will gradually improve, and eventually can fully recover. The main thing is to perform them consistently and every day, then the problem of how to regain vision will be solved.

Exercises for each day:

  1. With the force of closing eyes for a few seconds, and then wide open. After 20 seconds, repeat zazhmurivanie. Do it at least 7 times.
  2. Raise your eyes upward, stumbling at that glance to the stop, then look down to the end. After that, just look left and right. Repeat at least 5 times with breaks of 1 minute.
  3. Do the same exercise, turning your eyes diagonally, that is, first to the left and up, then to the right and down, etc.
  4. Perform the previous exercise in reverse order. Repeat 6 times.

People who seriously think over how to regain their lost sight, this complex of exercises will help to cope with the problem.

How to return lost eye

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