How to recognize the curvature of the spine and what is its danger

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One of the most common diseases that occur in childhood is the curvature of the spine. It is important to note this violation in a timely manner and take measures to eliminate it - this will prevent the impact of this violation on the function of internal organs. Parents should be extremely attentive to the condition of the baby's delivery and, if necessary, urgently seek medical advice.

If the curvature of the spine is triggered, it can lead to epilepsy, hypertension and many other pathologies of the respiratory tract. Follow the condition of the spine should be in a more mature age - timely appeal for medical care can rule out the development of many pathologies.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the proportions of your body in front of the mirror. Particular attention should be paid to the shoulders: if one of them visually above the other, it is a serious reason to consult a specialist and get a qualified consultation. If the thoracic spine of the spine has a convex form, and its angle is more than 45 degrees, there is a distortion, then immediately go to the hospital.

If you notice signs of clutter in your posture or bump ribs, sign up for consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. Should be alarmed and bulging angle of the shoulder blade - this is a symptom of curvature of the spine and requires a solution to the problem.

You can periodically test your spine for distortion: stand straight up, lower your hands along the body. Look, the same distance from your waist to pressed to the sides of your hands. If the distance is different, then the spine is distorted. Then lean forward, ask someone from your relatives to look at your backbone - when the body is tilted, the curvature of the spine becomes more noticeable.

If you have enough back pain often, painful muscle cramps are felt in the distortion area, then promptly consult a doctor. And still the symptoms of the spine are weakness and numbness of the limbs. In complicated form respiration is disturbed, there is a failure in the work of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs.

When you often begin to complain of pain in the stomach, chest, or even in the head, it can also indicate the presence of pathological processes in the spine.

And you can ask some of your relatives to hold a hand from the cervical spine to the coccyx - so you can determine the deviations of the vertebrae from the normal location. You can also test your spine yourself - when approaching the wall, the shoulder blades should adhere tight to its surface, and between the wall and the lumbar spine should be free to pass the palm.

How to recognize the curvature of the spine and what is its danger

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