How to quickly cure nail fungus

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Fast And Naturally | Natural Cures (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Quickly get rid of fungus nail really can, provided that it is a "fresh" defeat that does not penetrate deep into the nail plate and the surrounding tissue.

In this case, you can mechanically remove the affected edge of the nail and for a short time to heal the hearth with antifungal ointment. Mechanical removal is carried out in several ways, depending on the location of the affected area. It is clear that the free edge of the nail can be clipped with scissors and sip. If the fungal spot is in the middle or closer to the root of the nail, then remove the entire nail in the surgical office (tearing off) or removed by flaking with the help of a special pharmacy Nogtivit. Of course, the removal of the nail is very painful and then you need to heal the wound (but quickly). It is because of the morbidity of the procedure that in recent years the affected nails are removed only in severe or non-curable cases. The second reason for the rejection of such a radical method - after the removal of a new nail is not always restored in the same form, there may be distortion of the shape or surface of the nail plate.

In any case, the rapid treatment of fungus nails - the concept of stretching. It is logical to assume that the fungus that is started is treated much longer (12 months or more) than the light, "fresh" (3-4 months). Again, the localization of the affected hearth plays an important role, since from the root the nail will grow (replace healthy) longer than from the middle. The depth of defeat by the fungus will also affect the timing of treatment. You have to accept that it is long and inexpensive. A great plus of modern treatment is painlessness and rapid stigmata of symptoms.

The fastest and most effective recipe for fungus nails: Rumicose inside 200mg twice a day for a week, then break three weeks (21 days) and again taking the drug with the next break. Weekly reception should be repeated 3-4 times, that is, the treatment will take 3-4 months. In parallel, exoderol solution and ointment are applied externally. First, apply a drop of Exoderil solution on the nailed surface of the nail, and after extirpation lubricate the ointment Exoderil. Such a sequence will provide a deeper and more prolonged effect of the drug. This treatment scheme is more economical in time and cost, provided the sensitivity of these types of fungus to the drug. The key to successful treatment is the exact compliance with the dosage and the period of dosing, as certain concentrations and duration of exposure to the drug to suppress the fungus are necessary. Side effects are rare, but if they appear - you should tell your doctor that he will regulate further treatment.

Regularly take care of your nails and during treatment, put some scissors and a saw to handle the affected nail to prevent the infection of others. Avoid injuries to affected nails, wear free and comfortable shoes, and treat the old one inside the acetic essence and place it in a cellophane bag for the night. Try to keep your feet cool and in a dry (NOT sweat) state.

Effective treatment is contributing to the correction of nutrition, it is necessary to exclude from the diet sugar and confectionery, beer, cheese, white bread, potatoes, ground rice, corn and cereal instant preparation. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the factors of infection with the fungus, to avoid prolonged stay of the feet in a humid, warm environment (in close, sweaty shoes or when wet shoes), avoid barefoot in public places or use strangers' slippers, and also need to restore their weakened health.

How to quickly cure nail fungus

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