How to protect yourself from poisoning at the new year's table - expert advice

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Specialists have prepared a list of recommendations that will help avoid problems, says The Sydney Morning Herald. Dr. Thomas Roem of the Royal Melbourne Hospital emphasizes: poisoning must be taken seriously. They can cost a life.

Consequently, the bacteria causing poisoning, are best propagated at a temperature of 4 to 60 degrees. Therefore, food is safe if it is frozen or, conversely, very hot. A warm up of food is necessary to a really hot state.

It is also important to share ready-made and raw foods while storing. This will prevent cross-infection. For the same reason, you can not first cut raw meat, and then on the same board start cutting salad. And, of course, do not forget to wash your hands with soap after using the cleaning or processing of raw foods. So far, this remains the most reliable way to stop the diversion of dangerous pathogens from hands to objects and from hands to arms.

Even when buying a product, you should carefully study the product. If you purchased a hot and cold product, then these products should be kept separate on the road. The food that should be hot is sold hot, and frozen foods in the store are not stored outside the refrigerator.

The seller must use gloves and various spoons to pack ready-made dishes. Of course, products with external signs of packaging damage and expired shelf life are not suitable for the festive table. And, by the way, beware of eggs. If the eggs are very dirty, make sure that they are well steamed. If the infection still occurs, try to drink more water to avoid dehydration. In severe cases, seek medical attention immediately.

How to protect yourself from poisoning at the new year's table - expert advice
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