How to protect yourself from the oncoming flu epidemic: preventive measures

How To Prevent Swine Flu | H1N1 Virus Prevention (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

If you think, it turns out that virtually every person in your environment at least once in his life became a victim of an insidious flu. Now is the time when this disease is gaining momentum, threatening to grow into an epidemic. In order not to become a victim of this unpleasant in his manifestation and dangerous in his complications of illness, you need to know all about methods of its prevention.

Ways to save yourself from swine flu. Your task is to create a strong immunity to the flu virus. To do this, there is a certain diversity of vaccines that can minimize the severity of the disease. But even the most advanced pharmacological developments in the vaccine section do not guarantee 100% body protection against influenza.

Therefore, it's worth remembering in such a difficult period about the benefits of vitamins. Instead of different pharmacy complexes, you can use black currant, rosehip, citrus, cranberry and garlic. It will be enough to arrange plates with chopped onions and garlic in the apartment to constantly breathe with natural phytoncides.

Minimize communication with sick people, especially protect young children. As often as possible, in the course of the outbreak of the flu, wash hands with soap or treat them with antiseptic. Refusal of bad habits, balanced nutrition, physical education and outdoor exercise will only strengthen your immunity and become a good helper in protecting against colds.

And still British doctors recommend during this period to be on almonds - it turned out that the substances contained in the almond (especially in its skin), able to withstand colds viral infections. They perfectly raise the human immunity and activate the natural processes in his body. It was found that these substances continue to work, even when all the nut had time to digest. The exact recommended daily dose of this nut is not yet specified.

And almonds in passing quickly removes inflammation from herpes. Therefore, a handful of these nuts in winter will prove to be very, even by the way, to be healthy and attractive.

If you consume 10-20 grams of almonds daily, then the need for iron, potassium, phosphorus and copper is satisfied almost entirely.

How to protect yourself from the oncoming flu epidemic: preventive measures

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