How to protect your nail from hands

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The skin of the hands, more than other parts of the body, is prone to various diseases: pustular, fungal or parasitic. The emergence of pustular diseases is caused by excessive skin contamination, cuts, burns, mourning, and also fatigue, nervous strain of a person, when immune protection weakens.

To parasitic diseases include human defeats with ticks of animals and birds. An example is the widespread scabies disease that occurs when the scabies enter the skin. The scabies are very contagious, transmitted in contact with the patient, his clothes and linen, in the baths. Scarlet moves in the form of thin gray stripes with a small bubble at one end are visible on the hands of hands, on the side surfaces of fingers. In the case of scabies, itching hands, and as the mite spreads - and other parts of the body.

The fungus on the hands causes plant microorganisms - the fungi of the filament or yeast structure. Infection occurs by contact from sick people or animals through household items. Yeast mushrooms are found on the surface of fruits, vegetables, on the skin of a healthy person or animals. The fungus can affect the skin of the palms or the back of the hands, the skin between the fingers, and, unfortunately, the nails on their hands are not isolated from the defeat.

Treatment of fungal lesions of the nails is long and expensive, therefore important prevention, which includes hygienic care of the skin and nails, individual use of household items (washcloths, towels, shoes), frequent disinfection of baths, floors in baths and showers. The same prevention is relevant to scabies.

But the list of threatening nail illnesses is much wider. In addition to the listed infectious diseases of the skin, nails on the hands can affect various internal diseases, especially infectious, nervous, endocrine. Sometimes the damage to the nail device is caused by injuries or professional factors, as well as tumors. The most rare are congenital lesions of the nails.

The most common types of nail dystrophy, which manifests itself in the form of changes in the nail plate, the bed of the nail and nail plate. Nail dystrophy can be a manifestation of internal diseases of the body, as well as the result of nail injury (mechanical, chemical) or often repeated maceration of the skin of the fingers (swelling and detachment of the skin during washing, washing dishes, working in water, etc.), fungal lesions. The most frequent trauma with the wrong manicure, which may result in the separation of the nail from the bed or nail growth.

Other types of nail dystrophy: atrophy of the nail plate, longitudinal or transverse grooves, concave nails, point isticinum of the nail, splitting of the nail plate longitudinal or transverse, curvature of the nails, fractures and disorders of nail pigmentation.

How to protect from all these diseases nails on your hands? The main thing is to protect your loved one from all kinds of infections, for which to keep personal hygiene always and everywhere: to wash hands, vegetables and fruits, to use only your shoes, comb, washcloth, linen and towel, and avoid contact with the sick. In case of infection, immediately start treatment, in order not to allow the disease to take root.

Exclude coarse manicure, limit the use of aggressive solvents, especially acetone, low-quality varnishes that damage the surface of the matrix of the nail. To prevent nail defect, it is necessary to protect them from accidental injuries at home and at work. It is also necessary to maintain a general health condition so that the skin and nails look beautiful. The basic condition of skin and nails health is regular care.

For people with dry skin it is necessary to use the hand cream every day after washing them, and at normal skin - enough to lubricate hands every 2-3 days (than a person is older, the multiplicity of application of the cream more often). It is useful once a week to use a scrub and make a mask or hand bath. This simple care will allow you for many years to maintain healthy, well-groomed hands with beautiful nails.

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How to protect your nail from hands
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