How to protect your eyes from wardrobe by ultraviolet

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Burning the eyes with ultraviolet light is an eye reaction to the effect of one of the spectra of sunlight. This burn is rather rare, but its consequences are quite painful for humans.

Rays with short wavelength ultraviolet radiation - can cause burns of skin of the century, cornea and conjunctiva of the eye. Such a kind of rays is much more influential on the state of the retina and cornea than on long waves (infrared radiation).

The burning of the eyes with ultraviolet light is difficult to treat an injury. Mostly eye damage occurs through contact with various technical devices. Abuse of a solarium, the use of a welder without proper protection - all these are the main causes of such a burn. Burning of the retina with ultraviolet light is also possible when skiing without protective glasses.

Burning eyes with ultraviolet light - the principles of protection

Scientists have long been exploring the Sun and its influence on the human body. It has long been known that the Sun as a whole emits a purple spectrum of type A, B, C. This occurs both on sunny days and on dark days. Spectra A and C do not have a noticeable effect on the human eye condition. Burning of the eye by ultraviolet radiation can be obtained through the spectrum of class B. It can be a serious threat to the organ of vision.

The easiest and safest way to neutralize such radiation is wearing sunglasses. Let's look at concrete examples of how to avoid ultraviolet rays of the eye.

How to protect your eyes from wardrobe by ultraviolet
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