How to properly clean dental dentures

How To Clean Dentures - Corona Denture Dentist (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Removable and non-removable dentures require careful care. Cleaning of dentures is carried out depending on their type. But in any case, to avoid problems, dentures should be cleaned twice a day.

After dental repair, dental prostheses require constant care. Cleaning of dentures-one of the hygienic procedures for care-is a guarantee of long service life of artificial teeth.

Why clean a denture

In salivary fluid, a large number of microorganisms, including pathogens, have been detected. In the absence of proper care, they multiply with tremendous speed and cause diseases of the teeth, gums, organs of the digestive system. Cleaning of dentures will help to prevent the occurrence of diseases and postpone the trip to the dentist.

How to clean a permanent denture

Dentures should be cleaned every day, as if they are not artificial, and your natural teeth. Doctors advise not to forget, together with the cleaning of a denture, to clean the language, which also accumulate bacteria. For the process of cleaning the dentures you need to use a toothbrush (can be electric) and therapeutic toothpaste.

The share of removable dentures

The share of removable dentures has its own peculiarities. To care for them, you need a bristle with a soft bristle, special soluble disinfecting pills and fixing agents. Special toothbrushes for cleaning dentures differ in the shape and position of the bristles.

It is necessary to clean the prosthesis 2 times (in the morning and in the evening), and if possible - after each meal. Follow these precautionary measures when handling this type of denture: a drop in a design from a small height may result in its complete inadequacy.

Stages of dental care removable type:

  • In front of the denture in the vessel with a special solution, it should be thoroughly rinsed under running water to remove all remaining food particles;
  • Brush the external and internal surface of the prosthesis with a brush;
  • Cleaning of the denture can be done using a specialized gel for cleaning or paste. Do not use toothpaste with abrasive particles: they can disrupt the integrity of artificial teeth;
  • Be sure to rinse the prosthesis after all manipulations.

Ultrasonic mechanisms for cleaning artificial teeth

The acrylic from which the prosthesis is made is a rather porous material, therefore, as if you do not properly clean the prosthesis with a brush, the surface of the teeth still has a fairly large amount of plaque. The mechanical cleaning of the denture in combination with the ultrasound, carried out with the help of a special device, will increase the effectiveness of procedures for the care of artificial teeth.

It is best after dentures to get advice from a dentist about the most suitable means for cleaning this type of denture. Regular care of your artificial teeth can prevent inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract.

How to properly clean dental dentures

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