How to prevent cancer - doctors advice

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Cancer remains one of the most pressing problems of modern medicine. Doctrines continue to seek methods to combat this insidious disease, physicians investigate the causes of its appearance, provocative factors and advise on early detection of cancer, when, as you know, treatment can be quite effective and the chance to overcome the disease is quite large.

Experts have named five basic rules, compliance with which will minimize the appearance of cancer or detect it at an early stage.

First: all women over the age of 40 should do mammography once a year. If a woman has one of her close relatives already having trouble with this disease and a diagnosis of breast cancer, this can only increase the risks. Therefore, with such a genetic predisposition, it is even up to 40 years to carefully monitor their health and visit the mammal.

Second: cervical cancer develops when a female human papilloma virus is present in a woman's body. It is worth every woman to know that cervical cancer is a rather lengthy process that can develop sometimes for 5 or even 10 years. Experts recommend screening at least once every three years to detect cancer at an initial stage. Tips for doing this procedure more often can be given to illiterate or greedy medical workers (unfortunately, both of them and others in our system). They start screening in different countries in different age ranges ranging from 21 years and later. It is best to start screening for 25-30 years.

Third: for all women whose age has passed through the mark in 50 years, it is necessary to make screening for colorectal cancer each year. It is worth paying attention: this must necessarily be a quantitative immunochemical test for hidden blood in the feces. If the result of such a survey turns out to be positive, the next stage of the diagnosis is a colonoscopy.

Fourth: all women should do a computer tomography once a year. Pay attention: exactly the low-dose computer tomography - not X-ray! This important detail: the results of the research showed that low-tone computer tomography is 20% better than X-ray. Such a study reduces the incidence and mortality of lung cancer.

Fifth, once a year you have to undergo skin cancer screening (especially for sunbathing lovers and spa salons), the dermatologist must inspect all birthmarks and pigment spots on the body to avoid developing skin cancer and take action at an early stage of the disease.

How to prevent cancer - doctors advice
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