How to overcome the depressing state of anxiety: the advice of doctors and priests

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Currently, a modern person, even regardless of place of residence, catastrophically lacks a positive information - the world just drowns in anxiety reality, which causes all kinds of negative reactions in the human body. It is possible and necessary to fight this state - otherwise it can cause many troubles and diseases.

Now absolutely nothing to blame on the distrust or the genetic predisposition of people to worry, as it seems, in vain - to turn on the TV in the morning and listen to the news block. Doctors explain the anxiety attacks with a lack of energy: in order to be excited, the brain will always find an opportunity, but in order to return to the previous state, forces may not be enough. Excitement and anxiety are usually accompanied by increased pressure, tachycardia, shortness of breath, even numbness of hands and feet.

In such cases, physicians recommend to exclude all factors that take energy - TV, computer, alcohol, coffee and even tea. It is necessary to sleep and eat normally at least three times a day - hunger also provokes the release of norepinephrine. Do not complicate the state of stress in the gym - it is a kind of stress for the body, it spends energy much more than it can afford. It is better to do yoga, pilates, fast walking instead of running.

Endocrinologists explain the anxiety disorder of the adrenal glands, which start or thrown excessive hormones in the body: adrenaline and norepinephrine. When they are too much in the blood, they cause a state of excitement and fear. Because of these emissions, there is an increase in pressure and even a stroke may occur.

Also negative for a general psychosomatic state can be influenced by a thyroid gland, which begins to produce too much thyroid hormone responsible for accelerating the metabolism. In this case, a person eats a lot and does not thicken, and sometimes even worse. In the case of excessive thyroxin, insomnia appears, concentration of attention is lost and the same unreasonable fears, irritability, tachycardia, trembling in the hands and increased sweating come.

Specialists in this case recommend visiting the endocrinologist, undergo ultrasound, make a blood test and, if necessary, a computer tomography. But psychologists are convinced that the cause of many anxieties is a traumatic psychic of the situation that happened in the past and eventually went into the subconscious. Here you will need help from the therapist: he will not give concrete advice, but will lead to the outcome you find yourself.

The priests believe that fears give rise to the lack of faith of people when a person believes that he can live, counting only with his thoughts, desires and not hoping for God's fishing. In addition, the excitement, confident holy fathers, is a sign that we are tormented by sins. They propose to build relationships with people in Christian ways, to overcome envy, pride, passion for money, to go to confession regularly, and not only when something is concerned: communion with God must be constant.

How to overcome the depressing state of anxiety: the advice of doctors and priests
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