How to narrow the extended pores

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Ideal skin of uniform color, smooth, with even relief and gentle flush. Extended pores do not fit into this picture, so millions of women experience more and more ways to make their skin look like glossy magazine covers.

What causes the expanded pores to appear

In fact, the term "pores" in this context is incorrect. What most people call pores is the mouth of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands.

At a young age, they are expanding with excessive accumulation of their salivation secretion. This is the case with people with oily and combined skin.

With age, even on dry skin, visible pores may appear. The elasticity of the skin is reduced, which means that the frame of elastic fibers around the outflow ducts also loses elasticity, which leads to their expansion. Undoubtedly, this skin defect looks ugly and is a sign of elderly skin.

How to deal with expanded pores at home

Home care in solving the problem of extended pores is extremely important. The main attention should be paid to thoroughly cleansing the skin of the face. For this purpose it is better to use foam foam and gels. A couple of times a week there will be no use of scrubs. They allow you to further purify the surface of the skin from dead cells.

After washing as a toning, you need to rub your face with a lotion, and then apply a light moisturizer. Saturated nutritious creams should be avoided, as they can help to stop pouring. It is not bad if the skin care products will contain retinol, vitamin C or fruit acids. These components help to upgrade the upper layer of the skin and narrow the pores.

Another effective way is clay masks. Clay adsorbs pollution from pores, charges them. The only minus of this method is that the result of such masks is short-lived, so they need to be done regularly.

What can a beauty salon offer?

If home remedies are not enough, medical procedures will come in handy. Modern cosmetology has a wide selection of different techniques, among which you can choose a remedy for any patient (see cosmetology

One of the most common ways to narrow the expanded pores is chemical peeling. Depending on the active ingredient, it is able to provide different strength effects. The course of peeling fruit acids helps to freshen the complexion and narrow the pores. If the resulting effect is insufficient, you can make mid-peeling trichloroacetic acid. It provides a much more profound effect and much better aligns the relief of the skin. The effect after such procedures is stored for several months.

From the hardware procedures in the fight against expanded pores apply photo-emulsion and laser grinding. A great plus of photo stimulation is its non-invasiveness. Immediately after the procedure the patient can lead a normal way of life. The light flux activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis, restoring the elastic framework around the pores.

Fractional laser polishing helps to cope not only with the problem of expanded pores, but with other skin imperfections: wrinkles, scarring after inflammation, and others. It is now the most efficient and most sparing way. Of course, after it, rehab takes place within a week, but the result is saved up to one year.

How to narrow the extended pores

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