How to improve vision: simple ways

5 Ways To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Often, the problem of deterioration of the visual ability of the eye is decided by resorting to the use of glasses or contact lenses. However, there are available tools that will help at least stop the deterioration of vision, and how to maximize it.

The eye is a unique organ: its weight is only 1/5000 of a person's weight, but it is through eyes that the person gets the opportunity to fully perceive the surrounding world.

At the same time, the eye - an extremely delicate organ, easily exposed to adverse effects of the environment and various diseases, which can lead to partial violations or even complete loss of visual function.

That is why it is important to know the complex of measures that are responsible for the complex issue of how to improve vision.

Prevention of eye diseases

If you decide to improve your eyesight, it makes sense to start with preventive measures, which can help protect your eyes from the deterioration of the visual function.

  1. Read, work, and also perform any requiring eye strain should only be done with good lighting. Ideally, it's a natural daylight. If necessary, you need to use artificial light: the light should fall to the left (for the left - to the right) and not be directed directly to the side of the eyes, so as not to cause blindness.
  2. It's periodic to have a small rest for your eyes, relaxing them, having paused for a few minutes of reading or working.
  3. Reading magazines and newspapers should begin with large fonts, gradually moving into smaller ones.
  4. You can not allow aggressive daytime ultraviolet radiation that can lead to the development of cataracts: on sunny days, it is necessary to protect the eyes with good quality spectacles.
  5. Be sure to adhere to the rules of hygiene: to monitor the purity of the century and eyes, and if you use the conditional water running water. Do not rub eyes (and generally try to touch them as little as possible, especially dirty hands). Use an individual towel for the face. During a visit to a sauna or bath, wash from a separate pelvis and monitor the purity of water. Use only private linen. Use caution to apply eye creams and various skin care products.
  6. Necessary to eat a variety, on a table regularly should be fresh vegetables and fruits: proper nutrition will provide the health of the eyes and blood vessels.
  7. Where possible, tobacco and cigarette smoke, which damage the retina of the eye, should be avoided.
  8. Safety measures must be taken when working or in contact with potentially hazardous eye products (chemicals, fire, etc.).
  9. You need to try to avoid fatigue and eye inflammation when working on a computer and, as far as possible, avoid excessive physical activity.

How to improve vision without the help of a doctor

Among the ophthalmologists there is the idea that the ability to see well is directly related to the ability to live properly.

The following activities will improve your vision:

  • Performing a daily regenerative gymnastics for the eyes, which helps to strengthen the eye and neckline muscles;
  • Regular spontaneous eye massage;
  • Lack of stress or ability to relax, abstract from negative events and thoughts (known ophthalmologist and author of books William Bates believes that the main reason for poor vision is the mental stress of the person himself);
  • The method of ancient yogis in India, which has found a response among some foreign ophthalmologists - contemplation of the moon and stars, as well as the direction of the view towards the evening and morning sun, avoiding the appearance of tears (to begin with one minute, gradually increasing the time to ten minutes);
  • The use of special vitamins for the eyes containing calcium, fish oil, extracts useful for the sight of berries and herbs (blueberries, hawthorn, wild rose);
  • Proper nutrition combined with the intake of natural vitamins - berries, fresh fruit juices and vegetables, carrots and carrot juice (necessarily with the addition of dairy products), broth or infusion of wild rose, carotene-rich pumpkin and apricots, fresh blueberries (at least 1 cup per Week throughout the summer), blueberries or blackcurrants. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce (but not exclude completely) the consumption of sugar and salt.

How to improve vision: simple ways

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