How to hide your skin

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Any skin ages, and dry is especially fast, so you need to make every effort to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin. With which means can you moisturize the skin at home?

The features of dry skin are well known. While she's young, she looks very impressive: tender, matte, smooth and smooth. But over the years such skin can begin to peel off, it is prone to irritation, redness and appearance of wrinkles. Her condition worsens everything: the influence of sunlight, washing with soap, the use of alcohol-based cosmetics. The only salvation is constant hydration of the skin, including at home. How to do it most effectively?

Homogenization of the skin at home

It is necessary to act in all directions. It is important to understand why the skin loses life-saving moisture. This is due to a lack of fats and vitamins in the body. Therefore, it is necessary not only to stock up cosmetics, but also oils, as well as vitamins of groups E and C, which are capable of:

  • Influence on skin regeneration processes.
  • Contribute to the production of antioxidants.
  • Protect your skin from aggressive environmental influences.

Oils, in turn, will help to retain moisture, impregnate the outer layers of the skin and increase its elasticity. How to find the right ingredients? You can eat fatty varieties of fish, rich in useful omega-3 fatty acids. In the morning breakfast is necessary to add a spoon of milled flax seeds, containing, in addition to oils, a lot of useful trace elements.

Masks that moisturize the skin

There are a lot of useful recipes that will help preserve beauty and youth. If you do not know how to moisturize the skin at home, look in the fridge. Believe me, you can find many useful ingredients there.

How to hide your skin
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