How to grow perfect nails - expert advice

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The woman's well-being eloquently says manicure. The appearance of the nails shows the surrounding, how much time the woman pays care for himself. All the representatives of the beautiful sex want to have long and beautiful nails, but, as a rule, not many people can realize the dream in reality. Experts have given some tips to help you grow chic nails:

1. To nails grow strong, they need to moisturize. Drink at least two liters of water per day and your nails will never break.

2. Ensure body calcium. It can be taken from dairy products. Eat cheese, drink milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt and so on, your nails will grow faster.

3. To prevent nails from slipping, which can lead to breakage, eat more foods that are saturated with vitamin B, such as banana, potatoes, grapes or raisins, etc.

4. In order to make the nails smooth, shiny and the cuticle soft and moist, you need to use the refined oil that is in your home. Preferably, before you grease nails with oil, heat it up to 35-37 degrees.

5. Try not to cover the nail varnish too often, especially with gel-lacquers, as when removed, the upper layer of the nail is broken and it will take at least two weeks to restore.

6. Twice to three times a week, do hand baths and nails with sea salt, it strengthens the nails and protects them from external stimuli. Experts believe that sea salt, one of many, is able to regenerate the nail plate and make it ideal.

7. Even our grandmothers used such a method of strengthening the nails, so that they quickly grow - nail iodine was lubricated. To do this, you will need a wand stick or brush for drawing and a vial of iodine, apply one layer of iodine on the nail and do not cover it with anything else. A few hours later, the yellow shade will go with the nails and they will look healthy.

8. To nails grow long, do homework in gloves, so you protect the nails from mechanical damage.

9. If you want your nails to grow white, then use lemon juice several times a week, it shines perfectly.

10. Fast growth of nails can be achieved, if you cut them in the growing month, you will need a monthly calendar for this. And still experts recommend once a week to smash the edge of the nail in order to maintain a good shape and stimulate the growth of nails.

How to grow perfect nails - expert advice
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